Open throughout the year, the Huntsville Botanical Garden Huntsville, AL is home to a beautiful picturesque aquatic garden, a nature trail, and even a giant wildflower. There are many arrays of plants and specialized gardens that aren’t commonly found in natural botanical gardens.

For children, there’s the Children’s Garden – a place where kids can experience the world of dinosaurs as it was when they roamed the Earth. On the other hand, if you’re a space lover, you might enjoy the Galaxy of Lights. Unlike others, this garden celebrates several family festivals, tailored to create a great family experience for people of all ages, and also hosts annual summer exhibits. The Huntsville Botanical Garden gets much of its support from Garden Members, supporters, and corporate donors and as such is a privately run not-for-profit organization. For collectors and those wishing to take away exquisite souvenirs from their great visits, the garden has you covered. You can drop by the gift shop, check out the facility rental options or enroll for an educational course.

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1.Things to Do & Gardens

Things to Do & Gardens
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As mentioned earlier, the Huntsville Botanical Garden has tons of exhibits to view, activities to participate in, and festivals to celebrate. It’s well suited for families and is an enjoyable experience for children and adults alike. Their list of activities and events is so long that we can’t even imagine fitting them into one single article, but we have put together some of the more notable and exceptionally ones. However, a picture is worth a thousand words and an experience is worth a thousand pictures – so apparently, nothing beats going there and checking it out for yourself!

That being said, here is a lit of some of the family-tailored facilities available, starting from things that would appeal to children and working its way up to the more serious, botanically oriented exhibits that are more likely to fascinate adults.

The Children’s Garden

The Children’s Garden was mentioned earlier, so if that piqued your interest, then here’s the main course to go with the appetizer! In this garden, you can explore the ancient and almost-mythical world of dinosaurs, see real footprints and fossils, and even walk through the rib cage of a dinosaur. There is also an actual space station node that was donated by the Marshall Space Flight Center as well as a water rocket clock, home to a real missile. For those who like to be fascinated, one can even look for a hidden pot of gold in the rainbow gardens filled with kaleidoscopes.

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Fern Glade

Are you a fan of ferns? You might be, or you might have never given them a second thought, but you will be a fan after you visit the Fern Glade at the Huntsville Botanical Garden. Home to almost 150 species of ferns along beautiful trailing paths, the Fern Glade is a perfect end to the Nature Trail, appearing in front of you almost like a mirage. All the plants here are hardy, meaning that they will return every spring, even though they are dormant during the winter months. If you visit during this time, some of them are evergreen, meaning that they will sustain their foliage throughout the winter months. However, summer or spring are the optimal times to be checking out the Fern Glade. It even boasts a waterfall, a pond, and the belvedere, which adds to the serene vibe and makes the stroll that much more enjoyable.

Garden of Hope

Founded on the 2nd October, 2006, the Garden of Hope was created with the purpose of giving cancer patients and their loved ones a way to channel their dreams, aspirations, optimism, and even fears – through the beauty and serenity of a calming atmosphere filled with majestic flowers. The area is secluded – it is surrounded by foliage – allowing for peaceful respite and facilitating the dissipation of worries.

Galaxy of Lights

The Galaxy of Lights is an event that only takes place in the Huntsville Botanical Gardens. It was rated by the “Best of The Best” in 2016. The actual show is even more fascinating than the name, featuring life-sized light displays of Santa flying over a winter village, notable nursery rhyme characters dancing and frolicking, and even a magical crystal icicle forest.

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