In 2004, Alligator Alley's owner, Wes Moore, opened his alligator farm and sanctuary. Each alligator living here has been rescued from an unsafe place or unnatural habitat and brought to the sanctuary, which was created to provide a more natural environment for these animals. These alligators are regarded as "nuisance animals" as they no longer fear humans, which makes them dangerous around people. Once these alligator have reached a length of four feet, they are deemed hazardous to property or humans and have to be removed from the area. Watching these magnificent animals at Alligator Alley is an experience visitors won't soon forget.

The guided adventure at Alligator Alley begins with a trek to a viewing platform above the alligator’s habitat. From there, guests can view more than 450 alligators, ranging in age from newborns to adults, as they relax, sunbathe, court, and nest. After taking in a breathtaking view, visitors continue their journey down the elevated boardwalk through the surrounding nature. Along the way, guests have the opportunity to view not only the alligators that call the farm home, but also turtles, bull frogs, owls, and ospreys just a few feet away.

After the guided adventure, visitors have the opportunity to spend time at Alligator Alley's gator station, where they can hold a baby alligator or take a picture with one. There are trained expert staff are on hand who are happy to talk to visitors and answer any questions they may have about the alligators.

The more adventurous guests can even experience feeding the alligators. Alligator Alley has three feeding sessions every day that visitors can participate in, once in the late morning and twice in the afternoon. All they have to do is grab some alligator food and follow the instructions of the staff. There's no need to worry as staff members are on hand to supervise at all times.

Alligator Alley also offers birthday party experiences, creating a memorable party that children will never forget. The program starts with the guided adventure along the elevated boardwalk, while the party itself takes place in an air-conditioned sunroom, where every guest will have a chance to hold a baby alligator under the supervision of a staff member. In addition, the birthday girl or boy receives a backpack, a water bottle, and a t-shirt.

Field trips are also possible at the alligator farm, and Alligator Alley provides a fun and memorable learning experience for both students and teachers. After the guided adventure on the boardwalk, students have the opportunity to watch the alligator feedings as well as have the chance to hold a baby alligator. The alligator farm also makes for a perfect place for hands-on learning about some of Alabama’s wildlife.

19950 Highway 71, Summerdale, AL 36580, Phone: 251-946-2483

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