Virgin Atlantic's Premium Economy seats are slightly more expensive, but offer a number of benefits compared to the airline's Economy seats:

  • Dedicated check in counter at the airport;
  • Flying club members earn 150% of miles flown;
  • A Wider seat with 6 inches more legroom than Economy;
  • Express Economy baggage reclaim;
  • Exciting In-flight entertainment;
  • Choice of 3 entrees, including a vegetarian option, and snacks available throughout the flight;
  • Complimentary daily newspaper;
  • A flute of pre-flight champagne.


To help you relax during the flight to London, the airline now offers an in-flight meditation program, called Meditainment. The program, designed by Meditainment Ltd, consists of a series of meditative journeys through the audio in-flight entertainment system.

Meditainment will be available on aircraft equipped with the Vport in-flight entertainment system.

The company serves London from nine US cities: Boston, New York (JFK), Newark, Washington DC (Dulles), Miami, Orlando, Las Vegas, San Francisco and Los Angeles.


Wireless technology in offered at Clubhouses at JFK, Newark and San Francisco International Airports, giving Upper Class passengers an easy way to connect to the internet while on the road.

The fourth Clubhouse at Washington Dulles is scheduled to be completed by this summer. In Los Angeles and Boston, Virgin's Upper Class passengers get wireless access in third party lounges.

There is a nominal fee for wireless internet access that varies depending on city of departure.

Last Minute Airfare

If you need to travel last minute than your best option for deals is to join the flying club and check out the member specials. Membership is free and, unlike most other rewards programs, when you reach flying club silver status you keep the status for life not just one year.

The arline's web site is a good place to look for bargains, whether you are looking for fare sales or frequent flier bonuses. Click on the bright red $ Special Offers button on the home page and browse through the list of offers.

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In-flight Entertainment on Virgin

Virgin Atlantic operates wide-bodied aircraft that offer individual TV screens and a choice of channels to passengers in all classes of service. Currently, the Virgin's aircraft are outfitted with four different systems. The newest, V-Port, offers Video on Demand and will soon let you send & receive e-mails and surf the intranet.

Some of Virgin’s 747-400 and A340 aircraft are equipped with Virgin Arcadia, an interactive entertainment system by Rockwell Collins of California, USA. Virgin Arcadia offers 14 video channels and 9 CD audio channels, including:

  • 6 movie channels
  • 2 kids channels
  • 6 TV channels
  • 9 audio channels ranging from soul to Classical music
  • 10 Nintendo Games
  • Moving Skymap with the aircraft's flight path
  • Bulkhead telephones

All new 747-400 and A340 aircraft delivered since 1997 offer the Odyssey system with 20 channels and other entertainment features, including:

  • 10 movie channels
  • 2 kids channels (featuring a combination of movies and tv programming)
  • 8 TV channels featuring music, sport & news, comedy and kids programming plus the exclusive Virgin Travel guide
  • 14 audio channels ranging from soul to Classical music
  • A choice of 35 Nintendo Games
  • Moving Skymap display which plots the aircraft's flight path
  • In-seat telephones (located on the reverse of the handset)

Five 747-400 aircraft placed in service during the summer of 2001 offer the Virgin Nova in-flight entertainment system supplied by Thales. Nova has 8 channels of entertainment, including:

  • 5 movie channels
  • 2 kids channels (featuring a combination of movies and tv programming)
  • 1 TV channel which works on a cycle basis showing a selection of our current TV programming
  • 14 audio channels ranging from soul music to Classical
  • Moving skymap display which plots the aircraft's flight path
  • Bulkhead Telephone

V-Port is the newest in-flight entertainment system, included onboard G-VWOW and the new A340-600s as they enter the fleet. V-Port's best feature is Video on Demand which allows you to start, pause or rewind your movie, TV show or CD. V-Port offers:

  • 300 hours of Video on content.
  • 14 channels of Audio on Demand and a jukebox with over 45 CDs ranging from Chopin to Elvis Presley to PJ Harvey.
  • A selection of audio books.
  • 15 computer games, of which 3 are multi-player and one, Battlemail Kung-fu, has been developed exclusively for Virgin
  • A Quick Find facility that allows passengers to look for films starring their favourite movie star, comedy shows or language programming.
  • A dedicated Kid’s Zone that has it’s own menus and contains programming suitable for children and a parental block.
  • Later this year the system will allow passengers to send and receive e-mails and surf the intranet.
  • Air to ground SMS text messaging to mobile phones and e-mail addresses.