This is a vacation idea for hard-core aviation fans. JumboStay is a Boeing 747 converted into a hotel in Sweden. What used to be a real working jumbo jet was converted into a modern hotel, located at Stockholm Arlanda Airport. Book a stay at this unique property for a night and get a glimpse of what it’s like to sleep at a one-of-a-kind airport hostel.

In the summer, visitors can walk along the observation deck and stand right on top of a Jumbo Jet's wing. It will certainly give you a different perspective from the one we normally get sitting inside the plane. There is only one private suite (from $210/night), so be sure to book early. The suite is located in a converted cockpit and offers a panoramic view of the airport through all of the windows in the front of the plane. A few rooms have a private toilet and shower, while others have a shared bathroom with rates starting at around US $50 per night.

If spending the night is not for you, the plane has a chic cafe serving coffee, cookies and sandwiches. Stop in for a quick visit to see this unique hotel up close.

JumboStay is offering several amazing packages that let you experience other unique places to stay in Sweden. The "Jumbo Stay & Tree Hotel" package includes one night the Tree Hotel, Cockpit suite with dinner for two the first night, and a a tree suite with dinner for two. The flight to Luleå and Harads is not included in the price. The package costs 9,495 SEK.

Another great offer to consider is a stay at the IceHotel, Jukkasjärvi, with dinner at both properties. A similar offer is available in the Sala Silvermine, Sala which includes a stay in the Mine Suite with dinner for two.

These packages offer a great way for couples and families to experience something out of the ordinary on their trip to Europe. Kids will love exploring a life size plane and learning about its ins and outs. Honeymooners can check into the private suite and imagine flying above the clouds in the amazing cockpit with a cozy bed and amazing views.

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Location: Jumbovagen 4 , SE-190 47 Stockholm Arlanda , Sweden , +46 (0)8-593 604 00