One of South America's most beautiful regions, Patagonia is a simply fascinating place to visit. One of the most sparsely populated and untouched natural areas throughout the Americas, the region boasts an incredibly diverse array of picturesque landscapes, from mountains to deserts, grasslands, and more. This region stretches across the two South American countries of Chile and Argentina and enjoys a relatively cool and dry climate throughout the year. Wildlife is abundant in Patagonia and it's a great place to be for outdoor enthusiasts and people who want to get away from urban life and feel the thrill of nature all around them.

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It's also a highly popular spot for fishing, with fly fishing being the dominant technique used in this region. Experienced anglers love to find pure, untouched areas to cast out their lines, and Patagonia is simply perfect in this regard. Wide open plains and stunning mountains provide the most beautiful backdrop imaginable to your fishing expeditions, and the area boasts countless different rivers and water sources to fish, with many different species calling the region home.

Types of Fish to Find in Patagonia

All sorts of species of fish can be caught in the lakes and rivers of Patagonia, and there are lots of great fishing locations all around the region, both in the Chilean and Argentinian sections. Trout fishing is especially popular in the area, with the likes of brown trout, rainbow trout, sea run trout, and brook trout being found in large quantities up and down Patagonia. This region is also excellent for salmon fishing. Various types of salmon, including King, Chinook, and Coho, can all be found in the region.

In terms of size, the average catch of trout can be around 5-6 pounds, but some individuals can weigh much more than that, reaching 15+ pounds in certain cases. Sea run trout, in particular, can grow to large lengths and weights, with the average catch around a dozen pounds and the bigger examples tipping the scales at 30+ pounds. In terms of salmon, it's not uncommon to find fish weighing 40 pounds or more, and there are plenty of big trophy fish just waiting to be caught all around Patagonia.

Best Fishing Locations in Patagonia

Patagonia is a huge region, spread across two different countries. It can seem quite overwhelming at first in terms of finding the best spots to fish, but there really are no wrong answers. The area is huge and the fish are spread out all over the place. One of the most frequently asked questions from visitors to Patagonia is whether the Chile or Argentina side is better for fishing, but both regions offer plenty of great opportunities to reel in a big one.

If you want to be sure of finding the best spots and having the top chance to find some big fish, various guides and charters exist around the region. But if you prefer to go it alone or with your own group of friends or family, these are some of the top rated fishing locations and areas of Patagonia:

· Nahuel Huapi Park - The oldest national park in Argentina, Nahuel Huapi is filled with lakes. Huge trout can be found all around this park, especially from November through to May. Large rainbow trout and brook trout are routinely plucked from the waters of Nahuel Huapi Lake and other lakes in the surrounding area.

· Torres Del Paine National Park - Over on the Chile side, the Torres del Paine National Park is a prime spot for fishing, attracting anglers from all over the world each and every year. With many different lakes and rivers running through this huge park, there are plenty of opportunities to land a big one. The Rio Serrano, in particular, is a super spot for salmon fishing, while the Remota area is perfect for trout of all kinds.

· Futaleufu – This part of Chile is another top fishing spot. It's a great area for brown and rainbow trout, and sometimes salmon can also be caught in this visually striking, picturesque environment. The fast-moving Futaleufu River offers some really thrilling fishing sessions and the biggest brown trout in all of Chile was caught in these waters, weighing in at around 40 pounds.

· Lago Yelcho - Also known as Yelcho Lake, this huge freshwater source in Chile is found at the end of the aforementioned Futaleufu River. Lago Yelcho is regarded as a truly world class fly fishing spot, with various guides and lodges located all along its shoreline. Huge trout can be caught with astonishing regularity in this lake, and the surrounding scenery will take your breath away.