Ulriken is the highest of the seven peaks surrounding the city of Bergen, Norway, at just over 2,000 feet. Visitors may reach the peak by tramway, arriving at “The Highland in the middle of the city.” Sometimes known as “uptown Bergen” the plateau at the top of the mountain offers a restaurant, several free telescopes to see the views, hiking and other recreational activities. The peak is famous for the iconic television transmitter tower at the top of the climb.

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The Ulriken643 cable car, or Ulriksbanen in Norwegian, is among the most popular attractions in Bergen. Named after the mountains height in meters, the tramway runs every 7 minutes daily from 9am through 9pm, stopping only for inclement weather. The ride offers views of Bergen, the surrounding fiords and ocean, and the nine mountains that surround the city.

Once at the top, the Sky:Skraperen Restaurant, located at the peak, offers a café, dining on the terrace or indoors, meeting rooms, and special event facilities. The mountain menu serves casual fare during the day, while at night, a contemporary Ulriken by Night menu transforms the restaurant into a fine dining venue. Both menus emphasize the use of local ingredients.

A Mountain Shop nearby sells outdoor apparel, knitted Nordic sweaters, and carries local brands such as the popular local children’s line, Perle & Bruse. The Mountain Shop is popular for hikers picking up last minute snacks, supplies and information about the area trails.

Norway’s fastest Zip Line begins at the top of Ulriken, just in front of the restaurant. The ride, which opened in the summer of 2016, is just under 1,000 feet long and ends towards Mount Floyen. Instructors at both ends ensure a safe ride.

Visitors who would like more physical activity may hike to the top of Ulriken via a network of trails that begin in Montana, a small city accessible by bus from Bergen. The hike is rated as suitable for all levels, although rocky areas can be slippery in wet weather, and sometimes require a scramble to the top. Reaching the peak takes between 1-2 hours, and there are several trails to choose from.

An additional network of trails begins at Ulriken’s peak. The Mountain Shop offer maps outlining several footpaths with trailheads at the peak. Visitors will find both short and long hikes suitable for every age and difficulty level. One of the popular hikes is the trek across the Vidden plateau to the adjacent peak of Mount Fløyen. The full-day challenge takes approximately 4-hours one way. The well-marked trek follows a well-worn footpath and at times a gravel road. Those who prefer not to hike back can take the Floyen cable car, Floibanen, back to the city of Bergen. There is a restaurant, playground and shops on Floyen’s peak.

Camping for up to two nights is allowed at the peak of Ulriken and the surrounding city mountains. Restricted areas include the peak of Floyen and anywhere close to a source of drinking water.

History: Bergen is known as the “city between the seven mountains,” a number chosen based on Norse mythology and inspired by the Seven Hills of Rome. Locals still argue over which seven of the city’s nine surrounding mountains are actually included in this legend.

Ongoing Programs and Education: Ulriken offers several recreational and physical activities. In warmer months, there’s a Bootcamp and yoga class at the top of the mountain that takes place monthly. Family Day happens on a weekend approximately once monthly and includes children’s activities, scavenger hunts, archery and face painting sponsored by Perle & Bruse. The Mountain Shop awards a diploma to each child who hikes to the top from Montana.

The Bergen Mountain Hiking Association has an annual Seven Mountain hike event. Ulriken is included in the 7 peaks along with Fløyen, Damsgårdsfjellet, Lyderhorn, Løvstakken, Rundemannen, and Sandviksfjellet. The 22-mile hike spans an altitude change of over 7,000 feet and usually takes place on the last weekend in May. A shorter, Four Mountain Hike on the same weekend includes Ulriken, Floyen, Rundemannen and Sandviksfjellet.

What’s Nearby: Bergen is a coastal city on the southwest coast of Norway. Once the center of the Hanseatic League trading network, Bergen is known for its old wooden wharf-side homes, and its proximity to Norway’s deepest and longest fiord, Sognefjord. The surrounding nine mountains offer hiking and outdoor recreational opportunities, along with panoramic views of Bergen city.

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