Oslo’s TusenFryd Amusement Park is Norway’s largest. The 55-acre park offers over 30 attractions for all ages, plus a water park, games, shops and restaurants. Attractions are rated as soft, moderate or intense. While the park is not officially divided into theme areas, there is Morgan Kane Town, based on the fictional Western character from Norwegian literature, Vikingland, and a Fairy Tale Land.

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Two family-friendly areas, BarnasFryd and Frydskogen, offer rides and activities for small children under the category of “soft.” Rides include a mini roller coaster, a small Ferris wheel, bumper cars, playgrounds and climbing areas, and gentle spinning rides on motorcycles and airplanes. A classic carousel, or Finkarusellen, is a work of art and a popular family attraction. Eventyrstien is a play area in the forest with a troll and fairy theme and Fryds hus is the giant tree-stump home of the park’s mascot, Fryd, which children can explore and climb on.

Rides marked as “moderate” include a classic log flume ride, bumper cars and classic swing rides. Mid-sized roller coasters include the Western-Expressen train-themed roller coaster, and Loopen, a full-loop coaster that has been a park staple since they first opened. The newest roller coaster ride is Steampunk Hunters, Norway’s only virtual reality roller coaster. Guests ride the Western-Expressen outfitted with VR goggles that transport them to a mineshaft where they hunt for a Steampunk monster. Thor’s Hammer is a dramatic virtual reality ride that takes visitors in a specially designed vehicle that rotates 360-degrees through a Norse fairytale landscape created by 10 projection screens.

The park’s most intense rides include coasters such as the 6,000 horsepower SpeedMonster, in which guests ride Formula 1-themed cars at speeds of up to 90 miles per hour through three upside down loops. The classic Thunder Coaster is among the world’s best wooden roller coasters, and reaches speeds of up to 100 miles per hour, with 12 weightless drops. The SpinSpider is a giant wheel that spins on a pendulum for a high-flying thrill ride. SkySwing is a two-person giant swing that sends guests gliding back and forth from a height of over 100 feet. The SpaceShot launches guest over 200 feet into the air at speeds faster than the space shuttle take off, generating 4 Gs of force. Nightmare is Europe’s first 5D attraction. The attraction takes place in the TusenFryd old Ghost Castle, and combines a thrill ride with 3D digital imagery.

A water park, BadeFryd, offers a swimming pool, swimming river, and giant water slide. Water rides include SuperSplash, with one of the steepest water coaster drops in the world. BadeFrydelven is a tube ride in single or double inner tubes down the BadeFryd river. Wading pools and swimming pools for smaller kids are located in the BadeFryd water park, where the water is always a warm 78 degrees.

Several themed gift shops are located throughout the park, including a Country Store, Princess shop and a Nordic-themed gift shop. Over 10 restaurants offer everything from snacks, to burgers, pizza, pasta and ice cream.

History: The park’s 115 acres were originally the home of a zoo, which operated from the 1950’s through 1985. When the zoo closed, two entrepreneurs leased the land to build a theme park. TusenFryd is a Norwegian word for “thousand joys.” The park opened in 1988 and welcomed 500,000 guests in the very first year. That number has remained steady 30 years later, although several updates have been made and new rides have been added.

Today, the park is owned and operated by Madrid Spain’s Parque Reunidos, which also owns and operates Bø Sommerland, Norway’s largest water park.

Ongoing Programs and Education: Group discounts are available for groups of 25 or more. The park offers group rates for schools, kindergartens, recreational clubs and others. TusenFryd is available to rent for custom parties and large events, or birthday groups may take advantage of a “birthday booklet” which includes lunch and dessert, in addition to discounted rides.

Past and Future Exhibits: Entertainment at the park is continually changing. The Burnout Stunt Show is ongoing through July 2018, and features 10 different two wheel and four wheel vehicles ridden by Italy’s Team Folco stunt performers. The show takes place three times daily and offers action, drama and comedy. Monsters and zombies take over the park each October for the Halloween show. A variety of Halloween-themed activities and rides are offered for all ages.

Høyungsletta 19, 1407 Vinterbro, Norway, Phone: +47-64-97-64-97

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