The modern world allows us to lead safe and easy lifestyles, with countless gadgets and technological innovations available to make every single daily task so much simpler and more straightforward. The life we lead nowadays is infinitely different to how our ancestors would have lived, and many people love to get outdoors, engage with nature, and explore the wilderness to experience a different kind of lifestyle. For these kinds of people, NOLS is the answer.

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NOLS - Leadership and Wilderness Education

NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School) is a non-profit outdoor education school running courses and programs on wilderness skills and survival, as well as leadership, risk management, and environmental ethics. Offering both classic classroom-style lessons and outdoor expeditions in the wilderness itself, NOLS is the leading provider of wilderness and leadership education, offering a huge range of courses to suit people of all ages and backgrounds all across the world.

NOLS has worked with no less than 280,000 students in total, with people of all ages being drawn to this school as a way to learn truly valuable and life-changing skills. NOLS courses even offer academic credit, with the school having agreements in place with many different colleges and universities. NOLS was also the founder of the 'Leave No Trace' outdoor ethics program to encourage people to respect nature and the environment by cleaning up after themselves at campsites and more.

- NOLS Expeditions - Available in a total of 16 different locations across the world, from the Teton Valley and Rocky Mountains in the United States to Scandinavia in Europe and India in Asia, NOLS Expeditions allow participants to really challenge themselves while also exploring beautiful natural places. These expeditions have been running since the 1960s. Over the decades, over 100,000 students have participated in NOLS expeditions, learning essential wilderness and leadership skills that can be applied to their own daily lives. By overcoming challenges out in the world, expedition participants become stronger and more confident people, able to take on life’s challenges more easily.

- NOLS Wilderness Medicine - As well as expeditions for those wishing to develop their leadership, survival, and problem-solving skills, NOLS also offers NOLS Wilderness Medicine courses. Ideal for people who want to head out on outdoor adventures like camping, hiking, and exploring remote locations, but want to ensure they have the medical knowledge and preparation needed to be able to handle any emergency if and when it arises. A variety of courses are available to suit people of all experience and ability levels, so even if you have no medical training or experience whatsoever, you can find a course for you. If you’ve ever been out on an adventure and wondered how you’d cope in a genuine life or death situation, this course can provide you with the skills and training you need to handle those kinds of circumstances.

- NOLS Custom Education - NOLS is also well-known for its flexible and adaptable approach to education. There are a lot of different courses and programs available, but you can also choose to opt for NOLS Custom Education. Taking the form of both custom wilderness expeditions and custom leadership challenges, these courses are ideal for corporate teams, student groups, members of the military, graduates, and more. Expeditions can vary in length from week-long trips to 30-day adventures, with NOLS' experienced and professional guides and instructors leading the way and designing customized adventures and challenges for your group. The leadership classes, meanwhile, run from between one and three days and focus fully on the development of your leadership abilities, taking the form of a geocaching hunt in an urban environment.

- NOLS Risk Services - The final major service to be offered by NOLS is the NOLS Risk Services and Risk Management courses and training options. Ideal for participants of all ages and backgrounds, working for both individuals and groups, these risk management classes help you build up your risk assessment abilities, understanding risks either out in nature or in a classroom environment and then becoming stronger and more confident in analyzing those risks and calculating the safest and smartest options for yourself and your team.

Truly a school unlike any other on Earth, NOLS offers courses that bridge the gap between education and excitement. From its wilderness expeditions to its risk management training, NOLS’ classes and programs provide you with an incredible array of opportunities to better yourself and your group, becoming a stronger leader and a better-prepared person, ready for any eventuality and able to handle risks and surprises with confidence and assuredness. website