Slagharen Theme Park in the Netherlands is one of the most visited theme parks in Europe and features, rides, games, a waterpark and resort. Slagharen Theme Park began in 1963 when Henk Bemboom built themed cottages on some old farmland in Slagharen that he rented to guests. He offered pony and carriage rides to guests and over time, the cottages became popular and more attractions were added.

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About Slagharen Theme Park

The park was sold to Parques Reunidos in 2012 as a full-fledged theme park. Slagharen is divided into two main parts, Main street where visitors can find shops and dining, and the park which is divided into six themes.

Pets are allowed inside the theme park and resort as long as they are leashed at all times. Dogs are not allowed on rides or attractions, inside of restaurants or retail shops. Tickets to the Slagharen Theme Park and Aqua Mexicana must be purchased separately. Season passes, and group rates are available.


Slagharen Theme Park is comprised of Main Street, the Theme Park, Water Park, and a Resort.

The Theme park is divided up into 6 different themes all inspired by America.

Wild West- Discover what life was like in the American Wild, Wild, West. Go back in time to 1850 where there are 6 main attractions including the Gold Rush Roller Coaster, Chuck Wagon, and Logger Slide. The Music Hall, Crazy Horse Saloon, and Appaloosa offer wind. Kids Country offers amusements for children and café style food.

Mexican- There are three main attractions to this area of Slagharen that showcases Mexican heritage. The Teatro opened in 2018 and shows 4-D children’s movies. The Big Wheel and Sky Tower are also fond in the Mexican area. There are many options for midway games, amusements, food and drink in this area.

New Orleans- Mardi Gras is celebrated all year round in the New Orleans themed section of Slagharen. During Mardi Gras season, Main Street is filled with parades, dancers, and live music. The cable cars and Carousel are found here as well.

Yellowstone- Experience the Gold Rush at Yellowstone and the centuries old legends that encompass the American National Park. Visitors will enjoy the mine train, mountain slide, free fall and ripsaw falls.

Jules Verne Adventureland- Journey to the center of the Earth in this themed area inspired by Jules Verne novels. This area has the most rides with 10 attractions total including the Apollo, enterprise, Nautilus, and Fogg’s Trouble. A chocolate factory and diner are also found in this are of Slagharen Park.

American Indian- Visitors can enjoy three attractions here that replicate American Indian life before colonialism. A life size wigwam is found here as well as the Tomahawk, Eagle and Pirate rides.

Aqua Mexicana Water Park

The Aqua Mexicana Water Park Is joined with Slagharen theme park and has a Mexican culture theme featuring palm trees and waterfalls. The brand-new water park features indoors and outdoors exhilarating water attractions including a 70-person bubble bath. There are also 10 slides, toddler play areas, pools, and many cafes and retailers at the park. Three of the slides have 3D special effects and lighting, time keeping options, and more.

Slagharen Resort

Visitors to Slagharen Theme Park and Aqua Mexicana Water Park should consider staying at the Slagharen Resort to get the most out of their trip. The resort is comprised of Holiday homes for individual families including cottages, cabins, and mobile homes. There are also camping areas and luxury lodges available.

Visitor should keep in mind that this resort is not like a traditional hotel. Sites are per family and linens and bedding must be rented or brought by the guest. Bike rental is also available through the resort. Guests of visitors to the resort will need to pay the park admission price to enter.


There are two main events that are hosted at Slagharen annually.

Miracle of Lights- This festival begins at the beginning of October and goes through the first week of January. Thousands of lights decorate the theme park creating a fairytale atmosphere and an illumination parade is held. Even the park employees, dancers, and acrobats are covered in lights.

Winter Slagharen- The theme park and resort are open during the winter months on weekends with special wintery attractions such as campfires and hot chocolate served throughout the park. The indoor water rides are also available at Aqua Mexicana. Winter Slagharen is open in November and December.

37, Zwarte Dijk, 7776 PB Slagharen, Netherlands, Phone: 31-05-23-68-30-00

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