Escher in the Palace Museum is a museum dedicated to the works of M.C. Escher, an imaginative graphic artist who is world famous. The permanent exhibition is located in the Lange Voorhout Palace in Den Haag, Netherlands. The Lange Voorhout Palace was built for Anthony Patras, mayor of Sloten and the States General Representative, in 1760 by Pieter de Swart.

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About Escher in the Palace Museum

In 1796, Archibald Hope purchased the home. Hope was known for financing noble families in Europe in an effort to keep territories warring with each other. Napoleon was friends with Archibald and stayed at the palace in 1811 for a few hour rest.

The building was then purchased in 1896 by Queen Emma. The palace was renovated in 1901 by the Queen after the marriage of Queen Wilhelmina. One of the greatest renovations she completed was of the grand staircase which appears to reach the second floor but actually stops at the first. The Queen only allowed herself and two of her ladies in waiting to use the magnificent staircase. Many other staircases were added to the home inside the walls to hide away residents, including servants. Other additions to the home included a ball room, a stained-glass skylight, and hot running water.

Queen Emma was known to have stayed at the Palace during the winter months which served as the working palace for Wilhelmina, Juliana, and Beatrix. In 1991, Queen Beatrix and Prince Claus sold the building to the Local Authority of The Hague to be used for cultural purposes. Throughout the decades the palace has served as a museum for artists such as Frida Kahlo and Rodin, as well as the display of Venetian glass. Today, the palace is the permanent home of the works of M.C. Escher since 2002.


The exhibits at Escher at the Palace Museum are dedicated to the works of Maurits Cornelis Escher, a Dutch graphic artist born in 1898. His first exhibitions were in The Hague in 1924. He also exhibited around the world, especially in Italy where he met his wife. He is most famous for his lithographs, with Drawing Hands, January 1948 being one of his most known works.

There are two permanent exhibitions at Escher in the Palace Museum and many rotating and temporary exhibits. The exhibit schedule is found on the Escher Museum website.

A Sense of Wonder- This exhibition showcases Escher’s mindscapes that he became famous for in his later years. This was the first exhibition that brought together all of Escher’s later prints that were inspired by Escher’s secondary school days at Hogere Burger School in Arnhem, East of Holland. His staircase wood cuts are a part of this collection.

Escher in the Palace- This is the main exhibition and for which the palace is named now. The Palace is the only public building that still remains the royal ambience of the Queen Emma royal family. There are more than 150 prints that comprise the complete collection of M.C. Escher. Included are his early landscapes, Moorish Mosaics, and still lives. Photographs of Escher’s family are also displayed throughout the exhibit.

World of Escher- This attraction on the second floor of the palace is an optical illusion where visitors can solve the impossible Penrose triangle. The room also showcases the themes that Escher was most interested in including reflection, perception, and visual perspective. A touchscreen program is also available that allows visitors to create their own tessellation pattern.

Educational Events

Every Sunday Escher Museum offer workshops for children. A complete listing and details are available on Escher Museum website. Scavenger hunts are also offered for children and school groups to be actively engaged in the museum art. Breakfast events, royal walks, and quests for kids are other activities offered throughout the year at Escher in the Palace Museum.

Workshops for adults that include a 30-minute guided tour are also available. These workshops offer preregistration with dates and details online. Workshops can be combined with other activities when offered such as a royal Lunch or tea.

Café and Gift Shop

Escher Museum includes a café that is located in Queen Emma’s former kitchen. Reservations can be made for a high tea celebration while lunch and other foods are available daily.

The Museum shop is located on the ground floor insides one of the palace rooms. The gift shop includes mementoes, history books, puzzles, toys, games, shirts, and more. All proceeds from shop sales benefit the Art and Culture Projects of Hague and the Escher Collection.

Escher in The Palace, Lange Voorhout 74 2514 EH The Hague, Netherlands, Phone: 00-31-07-04-27-77-30

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