Acuario Inbursa is the largest aquarium in the country of Mexico, holding approximately 1.6 millions liters of water in its tanks. 280 species of marine life are well cared for at the massive aquarium, such as five different species of sharks, manta rays, and barracuda. Four of the Acuario Inbursa’s five stories are actually located underground. The ground level, however, features the main attraction: the colony of chinstrap and Gentoo penguins. The tanks of the aquarium were constructed to be able to withstand large-scale temblors due to the region of Mexico City being prone to earthquakes. Visitors will find the large aquarium about a 2 kilometer taxi ride or walk from the metro Polanco.

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The Coral Reef exhibit features marine life found in coral reefs, such as the Great Barrier Reef, which measures approximately two thousand kilometers in length and is the largest living structure on Earth. Visitors will have the chance to see some of the many different colorful fish found in this habitat. The Lake of Rays at the Acuario Inbursa is home to Manta Rays, as well as other rays that appear to be the same the ray species. The Manta Rays are much bigger, measuring up to nine meters from one tip of a pectoral fin to the other. The other rays are around two meters wide.

The Pinguinarium is home to Gentoo penguins, and offers a chance to see these interesting animals from Antarctica. The continent of Antarctica is faced with extreme weather conditions and is basically isolated from the rest of the world. This is what makes the land a significant natural laboratory for the study of the process of evolution of varying species, ranging from algae to mammals.

The Sunken Ship exhibit at the Acuario Inbursa features over four hundred and forty species of sharks. It’s unlikely visitors will have the chance to see so many different sharks anywhere else, particularly not within a setting of a sunken ship. Along with sharks, the massive aquarium is also home to another dangerous species of marine life: the piranha. The Black Mangrove exhibit is home to a variety of marine life that are found within the region of the Amazon, and more specifically in the Black Mangrove.

Acuario Inbursa’s Calypso Beach exhibit showcases more local species of marine life. The seas around Mexico are a more complex problem that includes overfishing, breach of laws, and non-sustainable resorts. The aquarium offers visitors a chance to see many of the amazing marine species that call the area of Calypso Beach home in a safer environment.

The Labyrinth of Jellyfish features the “Nettle of the Atlantic.” The body of a jellyfish is made up of ninety-five percent water. There is outer shell for protection or bone structure, so they have quite a delicate nature and are easy to harm. This exhibit lets guests view these mesmerizing and fascinating creatures up close without the danger of being stung. There are also several other exhibits within Acuario Inbursa, such as the Seabed and Forest Kelps.

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