Federation Square is located in Melbourne, Australia. It offers a variety of tourism experiences, cultural attractions, and a diverse selection of bars, restaurants, and specialty shops. Federation Square opened in 2002. It has had more than one hundred million visitors and was awarded the Sixth Best Public Square of the World on a list of ten international squares.


The square is managed by Fed Square Pty Ltd. It was created by the Victorian Government in 1999. The construction of the Square offered an opportunity to celebrate the ideas of place and identity through the development of a cultural and civic space.

Over the past two hundred years, the site that Federation Square is on has been the home of a fish market, rail yards, corporate offices, and the city morgue. The Square is as big as a city block which is thirty-eight thousand square meters. It was constructed on the top of a working railroad. Federation Square is made up of a series of cascading and interlocking, areas. The buildings open at all angles into the city, which creates connections and vistas all over the city.

Federation Square was the most awarded project of the Royall Australian Institutes of Architects Victoria. It was given five important awards for design and architectural excellence by 2003.

Things to Do

Federation Square offers a variety of activities for visitors to enjoy.

NGV Design Studio- This space offers a diverse selection of architecture and design related content that has been curated by the Department of Contemporary Design and Architecture. The space is flexible and allows visitors to explore key issues and ideas in architecture and design. The content found in the studio spans retrospective exhibitions or influential practitioners, reactive projects, and thematic exhibitions that examine contemporary issues.

ArtPlay- This area is for children ages birth to twelve years. It allows them to explore their artistic experiences and creativity with professional artists. There are over three hundred workshops, performances, and events every year. This space is the only playground in the Melbourne that includes sand pits, activity panels, slides, rope and rock climbing features along with balance beams.

Australian Centre For Moving Image (ACMI)- This attraction offers movies, gaming, tv and digital culture to all visitors. Visitors can watch classic Australian productions, explore exhibition, or create their own short films. This center is the first of its kind in the entire world. It explores, celebrates, and promotes the creative and cultural depth of moving images in all forms form film and tv to digital culture.

Guided Tours- Guided tours are offered for visitors. These tours explore the site of Federation Square’s history, engineering feats, and architecture.

Koorie Heritage Trust- The Trust provides a range of services and programs to support, celebrate, and promote the South-Eastern Australia Aboriginal culture. It’s annual exhibition program concentrates on both established and new Aboriginal artists with a focus on modern Koorie art. It also offers educational resources and programs for students.

Melbourne Day Tours Centre- Day Tour buses are available for sightseeing. These tours include exploring sights, sounds, food, people, cultures, and places.

Melbourne Men’s Shed- This attraction offers a safe environment for men to create things, share their skills, build friendships, be involved in the community, support community projects, and improve their health outcomes.

Rentabike- Bike tours are available for visitors. These tours are great way to enjoy the outdoors and stay fit. The bikes are equipped with all equipment needed to explore Melbourne with the whole family.

The Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia- The Ian Potter Centre is the first significant gallery that is catered specifically to Australian Art in the world. It contains more than twenty galleries that are kept in a landmark architectural center.

The Centre features Australian Art history from the Colonial period and the Heidelberg School through the exploration of modern art. This art includes prints, photos, drawings, textiles and fashions, decorative arts, and a set of galleries that are specifically for Torres Strait Islander and Aboriginal Art.

The Potter Centre hosts special exhibitions and educational programs that provide new perspectives of the city.

Yarra River Cruises- Several cruise options are available for visitors to take advantage of. These cruises offer several sightseeing and function cruises.


Federation Square offers several opportunities for visitors to shop. Some of these shops include the ACMI shop, and the Best of Souvenirs.


Federation Square offers several different options for dining. Some of these include ACMI Café and Bar, Arintji, Beer Deluxe, Biggie Smalls, Chocolate Buddha, Il Pom Italian, In A Rush Expresso, Mama’s Gozleme, Mr. Burger, Pilgrim Bar, Riverland Bar and Café, Taxi Kitchen, and Time Out Bar and Café.

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