Kayaking might not be the first activity that comes to mind when one thinks of San Antonio, with the city being famous for its River Walk, The Alamo, and Missions National Historical Park, but more and more people are taking up kayaking in San Antonio and realizing that the city's rivers and water sources provide plentiful opportunities for thrilling adventures, fascinating exploration and tranquil relaxation.


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Whether you're looking to tackle tough waters on long down river trips or simply glide along peacefully and take in the surroundings, there are plenty of great kayaking options in and around the beautiful Texan city, with several tour operators and companies offering lots of great trips and rental opportunities to suit everyone. Whether you’re new to kayaking or a seasoned pro, San Antonio offers countless options to enjoy this wonderful activity.

The San Antonio River is one of America's most impressive waterways, running some 240 miles in total and possessing a particularly rich history, playing a key part in several historical conflicts throughout the Texas Revolution. Kayaking down the river not only lets visitors enjoy the beautiful mixture of urban and natural surroundings, but also to get in touch with an incredible Texan landmark and a key part of American history, and various companies are ready and waiting to help get you started on your San Antonio kayaking journey, with Mission Adventure being the top rated operator.

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2.Something for Everyone

Something for Everyone
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It's important to note that 95% of people who sign up for a Mission Adventure San Antonio kayaking experience are total beginners and quickly acclimatize to this unique and fun method of transportation. The friendly and highly-trained staff knows exactly how to get people started and cover all of the basics before taking to the water.

If you happen to be a beginner or have never done any kayaking in San Antonio or elsewhere before, Mission Adventure Tours runs kayaking classes. This is a great opportunity for people of all ages to master the basics and feel more at ease in their kayak, as well as helping to identify the right model of kayak to suit their size and style for future kayaking adventures in San Antonio and beyond.

Meanwhile, if you happen to be quite an experienced kayaker or want to experience the most adventurous and exciting kayaking tours in San Antonio, you can sign up Mission Adventure's River Trips. Running all year long, these trips range from peaceful 2-mile trips on relatively still waters, perfect for people who want to simply kayak at their own pace and appreciate the natural surroundings, all the way up to 4 mile treks through rougher parts of the San Antonio River, featuring small rapids and more than a dozen chutes.

Ideal for people who really want to test their skills, the more intense trips can last up to 4 hours and are recommended for people who are in good physical condition, while the lighter trips are ideal for families with young children. Each trip is an adventure, with its own unique aspects and advantages to enjoy, and the trips are all run by certified instructors who help to make everyone feel fully safe and at ease.

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3.Rent a Kayak at San Antonio

Rent a Kayak at San Antonio
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Various operators allow you to simply rent your own kayak and take to the waters of San Antonio. This can be a good option for people who prefer to do their own thing, take their time, and explore the waters at their own pace rather than following preset tours or programs. Kayaks are available from various clubs and companies at varying price ranges and in different sizes or models to accommodate every kind of user.

Mission Adventure offers life vests suitable for kids as young as two and kayaks that can seat a pair of adults alongside a child for total safety. Kids aged 6 and above can ride in their own kayak and trained guides are always around for tips and advice to help everyone make the most of their San Antonio kayaking experiences.

The biggest advantage of renting a kayak in San Antonio is the freedom this offers. Tours can be huge amounts of fun, but rentals allow groups and individuals to take to the waters and set off their own adventures, making their own memories and floating along at their own rhythm. Whether you choose a rental or a tour for your San Antonio kayaking experience, you’re guaranteed to have a great time in one of Texas’ prettiest spots.

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Kayaking in San Antonio