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Kayak Powell is a tour operator that offers guided kayak tours and kayak rentals on Lake Powell and the Colorado River. Located in the town of Page near the south shore of Lake Powell in Arizona, Kayak Powell offers a variety of kayak tours for all levels of experience, as well as kayak or canoe rental services. Photo: evenfh/Fotolia

»Guided Kayak Tours on Lake Powell

Guided Kayak Tours on Lake Powell

Kayak Powell, AZ, offers something for everyone with their tailor-made guided kayak tours of Lake Powell.

The Lone Rock Canyon Sunset or Morning Tour is a half day tour (2 - 3 hours) starting from Lone Rock beach and offers superb diversity and variety. Guests will paddle slide beneath massive cliffs into a quiet side canyon, swimming in the fresh waters, and hike up to an overlook for beautiful views of the canyon. This tour is ideal for families with children.

The Antelope Canyon Morning or Sunset Tour is a half day tour (2 - 3 hours) starting from the Antelope Point launch ramp and offers spectacular views of the world-renowned Antelope Canyon from the water. Kayakers will soak up the stunning sunset and morning colors of Lake Powell while cruising through spectacular scenery and under the high canyon walls to the very end of the Antelope Canyon. The Antelope Canyon Breakfast Tour simply adds onto the Antelope Canyon Morning Tour with the addition of a hike up the canyon and a delicious breakfast about halfway through the tour.

The Ice Cream Canyon & Window Lunch Tour is a full day tour (6 hours) starting from Stateline launch ramp and explores unusual rock formations, islands, and inlets using touring (sit-inside) kayaks. The tour visits Ice Cream Canyon with its impressive narrows and quiet backwaters and includes a hike up to the massive cave of Wahweap Window with beautiful views of the lake. Lunch is included on this tour. Photo: Kushnirov Avrahamo/Fotolia

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»More Guided Kayak Tours on Lake Powell

More Guided Kayak Tours on Lake Powell

The Lone Rock Canyon Overnight Tour offers a unique opportunity to experience the desert night sky away from city lights and to wake up to a magnificent sunrise. Highlights of this tour include a tasty meal around a campfire, an invigorating morning swim and exploring lesser seen side canyons. This tour includes all camping equipment, two meals, and snacks.

The Labyrinth Canyon Overnight Tour features motoring to the top end of the canyon and kayaking back down through an amazing slot canyon, as well as exploring Labyrinth's formations, narrows and patterns and soaking up the sweeping views of Padre Bay, the widest part of Lake Powell. This tour includes all camping equipment, four meals, snacks throughout the day, and a round trip motorboat shuttle.

The 3-Day Tour - West & Labyrinth Canyons Tour visits two of the most impressive canyons on the lake, Labyrinth Canyon and West Canyon, each of which offers entirely unique experiences. Labyrinth Canyon is famous for its spectacular formations and colors, while West Canyon offers exciting adventures. This tour includes all camping equipment, four meals, snacks throughout the day, and a round trip motorboat shuttle.

The 5 Day Tour - The Escalante Tour takes place in what had been described as the best area of Lake Powell. This tour visits the last known camp of Everett Ruess, explores the ancient Anasazi Three Roof Ruins, discovers the beauty of the Explorer Canyon with its arches, ruins, and petroglyphs, and delves into the narrow and deep Clear Creek Canyon to the impressive Cathedral in the Desert. This tour includes all camping equipment, four meals, snacks throughout the day, and a round trip motorboat shuttle. Photo: Maks_ershov/Fotolia

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»Colorado River Paddling Trips

Colorado River Paddling Trips

Kayak Powell also offers self-guided overnight Colorado River Paddling Trips where guests can enjoy their own Grand Canyon-esque adventure without the cost, time, or hassle. Starting and ending at Lee's Ferry, the trip covers the 15 miles between Glen Canyon Dam and Lee's Ferry and features crystal clear, calm water, towering red canyon walls, great campsites, and legendary trout fishing.

Kayak Powell also provides a variety of kayaks, canoes and stand-up paddleboards to rent, as well as camping equipment for self-guided trips on Lake Powell or the Colorado River. Address: 816 Coppermine Road, Page, AZ 86040, website, Phone: 928-660-0778 Photo: Krzysztof Wiktor/Fotolia

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Kayak Powell on Lake Powell, Arizona