A breathtaking reservoir set on the Colorado River and stretching across the Utah-Arizona border, Lake Powell is an undisputed area of outstanding natural beauty. A big hit with tourists from all over the globe, the reservoir attracts more than two million visitors each and every year. While many people in the area simply walk along the banks or sit on the shores of the reservoir, a better choice is to actually get out there and start kayaking on Lake Powell to really appreciate its scope and appeal

Kayaking on Lake Powell has proven to be a hugely popular experience for people from all over the world, providing breathtaking views and tranquil exploration of one of Utah and Arizona's most picturesque spots. Gaze in awe at the crystal blue waters and take in Lake Powell's famous landmarks like the Rainbow Bridge, Lone Rock Canyon, and Antelope Canyon from the comfort of your own kayak. The area, which was even used as a filming location for various popular TV shows and movies, is too beautiful for words and there's no better way to experience Lake Powell than on board a kayak.

A few options are available for people looking to enjoy some kayaking on Lake Powell. For example, some companies offer simple kayak rentals, allowing visitors to simply hire their kayaks and head out on the lake to explore the area and enjoy their own adventures. Kayak tours are also offered by two major companies: Kayak Lake Powell and Lake Powell Hidden Canyon Kayak.

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Kayak Lake Powell

As well as providing kayak rentals, Kayak Lake Powell runs a variety of tours and packages for visitors to the area, taking guests on specialized guided tours through particularly interesting and beautiful sections of Lake Powell. Some of these tours last just a few hours, while others are overnight or multi-day experiences. Some tours are easier than others and better-suited to families and younger visitors, so it's important to check out the full details before making any kind of reservation.

The Lone Rock Canyon tour, for example, lasts for a little over three hours and is one of the easiest routes, showing a huge variety of scenery from cliffs to side canyons and even an opportunity to spot some local wildlife like bighorn sheep. If you’re looking for an introductory experience of kayaking on Lake Powell, this is a great tour to choose. Visitors can choose to take this tour in daylight or as the sun is setting, with the sunset tours proving especially popular as kayakers get to enjoy the various shades of reds and yellows on the horizon reflected in the waters of Lake Powell.

The Labryrinth Canyon tour, on the other hand, is designed for more advanced and experienced kayakers, offering visitors a full overnight trip around Lake Powell, taking in the majesty of Padre Bay and including a couple of hours of hiking around the famous canyon, as well as camping up overnight and learning a lot about the area from trained guides. Despite the length of the tour and the moderate difficulty involved, it's still suitable for children and the elderly.

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Lake Powell Hidden Canyon Kayak

These Lake Powell kayak tours are also available for participants of all ages, with different routes available depending on your own personal preferences. Hidden Canyon Kayak tours, as the name suggests, take people away from the crowded hotspots of Lake Powell and into the lesser-known areas of beauty. With this company, you'll be able to kayak around the real 'hidden gems' of Lake Powell like Labyrinth Canyon or Face Canyon. Again, tours are available in different lengths from 3-hour excursions to multi-day treks.

Overnight kayak tours on Lake Powel with Hidden Canyon can also include activities like hiking, swimming, and camping, offering full adventures for visitors who really want to get the full Lake Powell experience and make the most of their kayaking trip. Meals are also included and friendly guides will be on hand to provide insightful information about the local area.

Kayak Rentals on Lake Powell

Visitors who simply want to get in a kayak and head out on Lake Powell to explore by themselves, delving into side canyons and uncovering their own favorite spots, can also rent kayaks from a couple of different agencies at the reservoir, including the two aforementioned companies. Renting a kayak is another great way to take in Lake Powell and all of its beauty, with several different kayak models and variants available to suit different users.

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