Many people know that the Kotel, the Western Wall, is the most important site for the Jewish people in the world. It is the last piece that remains of their Temple. Many people across the globe also are aware of the fact that Jewish people from across the world gather at the Western Wall to pray. These people write notes to God that they place in between the Wall’s ancient stones. What most people don’t know about are the several significant events that happened on Mount Moriah, which later became known as the Temple Mount.

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According to the Jewish Faith, Mount Moriah is the site of several pivotal events throughout Jewish history. The creation of the world, according to Jewish tradition, started from the Foundation Stone located at the peak of Mount Moriah. This site is also where the first human being, Adam, was created.

When God commanded Abraham to prepare Isaac, his son, for a sacrifice, the two of them went up to Mount Moriah, “the place that God chooses,” and up to its peak, the Foundation Stone, at which the binding of Isaac occurred. The dream of angels that Jacob had is also connected to the mountain. Years later, the heart and core of the First and Second Temples, the Holy of Holies, was constructed around the Foundation Stone.

Herod was appointed as the king in Jerusalem in 37 B.C.E., soon after which he began a massive project of renovated the Temple. Herod hired numerous workers who worked tirelessly to make the Temple even more magnificent, as well as to widen the Temple Mount’s area by flattening the peak of Mount Moriah and constructing four walls around it for support. The Western Wall that exists today is one of the four supporting walls.

The Temple Mount’s Western Wall is one of the important and magnificent remains in the city of Jerusalem from the time of the Second Temple, which was destroyed around two thousand years ago. The Wall spans almost half a kilometer in width. Today, however, the part of the Western Wall that is visible to everyone is only seventy meter of it at the Western Wall Plaza. A tour of the Western Wall Tunnels is offered to visitors and allows them an opportunity to see parts of the Western Wall that are hidden from view. Visitors also have a chance to touch the special and original stones that share the history of the Jewish people.

Guests participating in the Western Wall Tunnels tour will be led through the fascinating and ancient subterranean areas filled with remarkable archeological findings, includings water pits, an ancient water aqueduct ending at the Strouthion Pool, large stone arches, and more. The tour also features some innovative virtual models. The Western Wall is a thought of as an international attraction, and is certainly one of the city’s must-see sites.

A the Chain of Generations Center, the story of the Jewish people is intertwined with the city of Jerusalem’s story. Eight subterranean halls, dating back to various period of time, feature unique artwork that lets visitors learn about Jewish history in a different light. Guests can also see numerous discoveries from the time period of the First Temple under a clear floor at the center.

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