Sensapolis is located outside of Stuttgart, Germany. Visitors to this unique blending of theme park, playground, and science center will enjoy the variety of attractions that are held within park. Sensapolis can be enjoyed no matter the weather, all year.


The park promises fun for the entire family including families with children of a very young age. The park offers a variety of attractions and is located just outside Stuttgart, in Germany.

Sensapolis boasts ten thousand square meters of indoor park space with fun guaranteed for people of all ages from the very young to the old. The park is air-conditioned and dotted with several dining options. This unique park blends together a playground, theme park, and science center.

With so many attractions to explore it will be hard for visitors to decide where to begin.


The variety of attractions found in Sensapolis is sure to please all members of the family.

The Fairytale Castle- Constructed of bricks, sixteen meters high, and boasting an area of eight hundred and forty meters that covers four floors is the Fairytale Castle. Visitors can dress up like a prince or princess and explore the halls and secret passageways of the castle. The castle offers dance lessons in the ballroom. Search for the King’s treasure that is hidden the castle’s top tower. Creativity can be explored in the Castle’s Art Workshop.

Spaceship- Standing sixteen meters high and spanning eight hundred square meters and three levels this attraction is one of the parks most popular. The Spaceship’s interactive game taking place on the command bridge is of particular interest. Visitors travel on space bikes, fighting aliens and makingtheir way through asteroid storms. The second floor of the Spaceship includes the Our Place in Space exhibit which examines questions about stars the constellations they are part of.

Action and Climbing World- This attraction encompasses four individual attractions and can be enjoyed by all ages.

· The High-Rope Climbing Course- This course is forty-eight meters long and fourteen meters high. It runs across swaying nets, bridges, and treetops.

· The Climbing Wall- This includes a twelve-meter tall rock face replica that has five separate routes, each with its own difficulty level.

· Adventure Trail- The trail links five towers that are twelve meters tall. Visitors work their way through different challenges including climbing chimneys, wooden ladders, tree trunks, and adventure stairs. The trail is circular and is surrounded by nets making it easy for reluctant children to enjoy too.

· Flying Fox- This attraction sends kids flying through the hall using a 50-meter-long steel cable that is hanging twelve meters over the ground.

Slides- Sixteen slides of different speeds, lengths, and shapes can be found all over the park. Every member of the family can find a slide that suits them. There are slower slides for the family and high-speed, steep slides with speed meters that monitor the speed on the slide. Some of these allow visitors to reach up to forty kilometers an hour.

Pirate Ship- This pirate ship is made of wood and offers games and water basins that allow visitors to experiment and play with watergates and ships.

eGO-Kart Track Sensadrom- This attraction appeals to children, adults, and adolescents that are inspired by motorsports. The Sensadrom encompasses twenty-two environmentally friendly go-karts powered by electricity that can reach fifty kilometers an hour. The ride crosses the two thousand four hundred square meter hall with track that is thirty meters and spans three levels.

Fun Shooter- Children will enjoy shooting softball cannons and slides, as well as climbing opportunities.

RollyToys Area- This area of the park is geared towards children between the ages of three and seven. They will enjoy driving pedal cars and have the opportunity to master one of the courses. This area is also used by children to unload and load Lego stones.

Toddler Area- This area is for children up to three years old and provides activities for age and development.

PonyCycle Ranch- This attraction is located on the first floor of the park. Ages three to adult are able to ride. The horses are small and made of fabric in three different sizes.

Science Center- This center explores many of the most interesting science questions. Visitors are able to experiment and learn in the center. Different types of media are used to explore various science topics such as photos, texts, films, and picture stories.

Educational Opportunities

Discovery Tours of the science centers are offered to school groups.

Special Events

Sensapolis offers special events through the year for visitors. Some of these include the 30+ Rave-ups, We Love the 80s parties, and 90s Party. More information can be found on the website.


Several dining options are available in the park as well as I the surrounding area of Stuttgart.

Melli-Beese-StraBe 1 71063 Sindelfingen, Phone: 4-97-03-12-04-85-30

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