Joypolis is located in Tokyo, Japan. Visitors will enjoy the variety of rides this amusement park offers. The Joypolis in Tokyo, Japan is part of a chain of amusement parks that opened in July of 1994 in Yokohama, Japan. Since 1994 Joypolis parks have been opened in several Japanese and Chinese cities. These parks feature amusement park rides, and arcade games based on Sega properties.


Though nine parks have been opened, only five remain in operation. There are three located in the cities of Odaiba, Tokyo, and Okayama in Japan and two located in the cities of Qingdao and Shanghai in China. The other four parks were closed due to low visitor numbers

The Tokyo location is the biggest theme park located indoors in Odaiba DECKS Tokyo Beach. This allows for visitors to enjoy the park in all weather conditions. The amusement park boasts twenty kinds of attractions.


Joypolis Tokyo offers three floors of attractions for visitors to enjoy.

First Floor Attractions

Gekion Live Coaster- This coaster combines music, games, and roller coasters. It is the first “concert coaster” in the world.

Halfpipe Tokyo- This ride combines digital components with excitement to create an extreme next generation ride focused on snowboarding with music.

Zero Latency VR- This is a virtual reality experience. It allows for up to six players playing at the same time. The largest feature of this VR game is the “Free ROOM” that allows players to be more active with their movement. This room allows the six players to play cooperatively with each other. The game uses the latest virtual reality technology including the Head Mounted Display (HDM) and the nature of the “Free Room” giving players to feeling of emersion. It is a Zombie Survival shooting experience.

The Joypolis Explorer- This attraction uses treasure hunting to solve the mystery of an “old document.”

Initial D Arcade Stage4 Limited- This is car racing attraction. It is based on a manga series that has the same name.

Pirate’s Plunder- Visitors will travel to “Skull Island” in search of a hidden treasure. Visitors will shoot at skeletons and lend a helping hand to pirates

Main Stage- This stage is used for live shows.

Second Floor Attractions

Transformers Human Alliance Special- This ride allows visitors to shoot enemies while spinning around on a circular track.

The House of the Dead 4 SP- This is an arcade game where visitors can shoot zombies in a ruined city.

Sonic Athletics- This attraction is based on the Sonic Sega game and makes visitors run on a treadmill to achieve a victory.

Storm G- This is futuristic Bob-sleigh with and three-hundred-and-sixty-degree twist.

Sonic Carnival- This attraction is an area devoted to Sonic the Hedgehog and is suitable for all ages. It features carnival games geared for younger visitors that are Sonic and friends themed.

Tower Tag- This attraction is a virtual reality shooting experience.

Third Floor Attractions

Mystic Mansion- This attraction features “Ayakashi” and provides a Japanese horror atmosphere. It is a 3D ride.

Fortune Forest- This attraction gives visitors a glimpse into their future as they take in the virtual forest surrounding them.

Biohazard- This attraction is based on the video game “Resident Evil 7.”

Wild Wing- This is virtual reality experience that takes visitors on a tour of a world on a glider.

Wild Jungle Brothers- This attraction takes visitors on a simulated jeep tour of the jungle.

Wild River Treasure Hunt- Visitors ride the virtual rapids on a “special” simulated raft.

Phoenix Wright Ace in Joypolis- An attraction based on the Japanese game.

The Room of the Living Doll- This is a haunted house horror adventure about living dolls that can be experienced in Super-Stereo and incorporates VR technology.

Unsearchable- This is an interactive timed experience that allows visitors to search for treasure and then escape a secret basement.

Lola and Carla the Beauty Contest- This is an experience that lets visitors discover their potential as a stage models. Visitors are asked questions and their answers determine the character they create.

Joypoli_Sug-oroku- This attraction winds through the entirety of Tokyo, Joypolis. It is a game of Sugoroku that visitors complete as they explore the park.


Joypolis Tokyo offers a variety of food options.

Crepe Shop- This shop specializes in crepes. It is located on the first floor of the park.

D-Lounge- This lounge serves light snacks and refreshments that can be enjoyed while visitors roam the park. The D-Lounge is interactive and is located on the second floor of the park.

Dippin’ Dots- This is an ice cream shop located on the first floor of the park.

Frame Café- The Frame Café is located on the first floor of the park and has a magnificent view of Tokyo and is also home to the Multi-Stage.

1-6-1 Daiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Phone: 03-55-00-18-01

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