The Nyireghyaza Zoo, located in Hungary is an enormous and comprehensive animal experience. Individuals and families alike, of all ages, can spend an entire day (or possibly more, as the zoo also features a hotel) learning about animals from all across the globe.

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Located in the Sosto recreational area of Hungary, the zoo is located in an almost totally untouched birch forest that is 30 hectares wide. The zoo opened in 1974 as a “wild park” and originally was designed to focus specifically on animal species that were native to Hungary and the surrounding areas. It has since expanded to all of Europe, then to North America, and finally to all over the world. The zoo as it is currently seen was revamped in 1996, and it was renamed and reimagined as the exhibit-based attraction it is now. The zoo is a member of multiple organizations, like the Hungarian Association of Zoos, that seek to conserve and preserve animals and their native habitats. There have been many rare and endangered species born at the zoo as well.

Permanent Attractions and Exhibits

The areas at the zoo are divided up into multiple segments to categorize different animals together.

? Green Pyramid - The “Green Pyramid” section of the zoo is dedicated to animals that live in Indonesia and Asia. This area has a unique oceanarium as well as a tropical rainforest and is over 4000 square meters in size and stands three stories tall. There is a section focusing on the Indian Ocean, and various sharks, rays, and other animals. This exhibit also is home to the largest breeding pair of Komodo Dragons in Europe.

? Oceanarium - Featuring fauna and flora from the oceans, this exhibit explores the water that makes up over 70% of the entire world. Located on the bottom floor of the Green Pyramid, the Oceanarium has hundreds of different animals and is over 500,000 liters with a long, glass corridor for guests to walk through for a more immersive experience.

? Tarzan’s Trail - Tarzan’s Trail was created for the animals of Africa and has more than 20 species of animals that are native to that continent. It also is involved in the conservation program for some of the more endangered animals. The trail stretches around the perimeter of the entire zoo and has all the well-known African animals - cheetahs, lions, elephants, zebras, etc.

? Australia - This segment of the zoo focuses on the flora and fauna that is native to the continent of Australia, including kangaroos, frogs, and dingoes.

? Polar Region - With animals and birds from both the Arctic and the Antarctic regions, this exhibit has many of the snowy weather animals that guests have come to expect. Penguins and polar bears are often the favorites. The zoo also works closely with the European Endangered Species Program (or EEP) for both of those creatures.

? World of Andes - View and learn about the amazing world of wildlife from South America in this section of the zoo. Watch the monkeys, hang out with alpacas and llama, and see the beautiful and fierce jaguars.

? Victoria House - The final section of the zoo is the Victoria House, which focuses on the most unusual animals on the planet. Make sure to ration plenty of time to wander around and see them all.

Educational Opportunities

The zoo prides itself for creating unique and educational experiences for students of all ages. One of the most immersive experiences is the zoo’s Forest School. The school is a multi-day learning experience for students that connects with school curriculum for a full and well-rounded experience. Each program at the Forest School has been specifically designed to change with each season and specific grade levels (the programs as best for students between 6 and 18 years old age). Students are also allowed to stay at the hotel which is located on the zoo grounds. Forest School allows students to actually conceptualize what they’re learning at school with real world, with immersive, physical experiences.

The zoo also offers multiple conservation days as well, which are single day experiences with the same educational outcome. This is best for younger students who don’t want to stay overnight at the zoo. All experiences include talks with the zookeeper, animal encounters, and specific lessons.

Dining and Shopping

The zoo features various buffets, ice cream stands, and vendors located all throughout the zoo. There is also a sit-down restaurant experience, Bamboo, that is situated inside the Green Pyramid exhibit. There is also a zoo gift shop on the grounds, with many different souvenirs from small to large for guests to take home after their visit.

Nyireghyaza Zoo, Sostoi ut, 4431 Hungary, Phone: +36-42-47-97-02

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