The Castle of Egri (also known as the Castle of Eger) is a stunning, historical artifact located in Eger, Hungary. With a variety of festivals, special events, and guided tours, guests can explore the castle either on their own or with a little bit more structure. Most well-known for its ability to repel an attack by the Turks in 1552 (historically called the Siege of Eger), the Castle of Egri was first built on one of the highest hills in the area in the 1200s.

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The original structure was actually destroyed by an attack by the Mongols in 1241 and Eger’s bishop had it moved to another rocky hill in the actual city. The castle was added onto in 1470 and expanded into a gothic palace. When the Siege of Eger occurred, up to 40000 Turkish soldiers took on just over 2000 Hungarian castle defenders and, amazing, the Hungarians suffered only small losses and fought off the Turks. Excavations of the castle started in 1925

Permanent Exhibits

The castle is full of a variety of scientific and historical exhibitions for guests to view while taking a tour of the grounds.

? Kazamata Exhibit - In the Kazamata exhibition, guests can see how the castle walls were constructed in the 1540s. Learning about both the inner and the outer castle systems were created, although the outer castle walls were destroyed in the 1700s, allows visitors a unique way to learn about history. It reaches from the Settecap gate to the ground floor barracks, and through the underground rail system, tunnels, corridors, and upper barracks halls. This is one of the more interactive sections of the castle. It also features a section on Turks architecture.

? Heroes Room - Located on the ground floor in the Gothic Episcopal Palace, the Heroes Room is home to the tomb of Dobo Istvan. The tomb itself is made out of red marble and the lid has been carved with a scene of the captain of the castle wearing his armor. Two sides of the tomb have been sculpted by Istvan Kiss and featured the defenders of the castle from 1552. The walls of the room are carved with the names of the 315 people who were staying or living in the castle during the time of its siege. There is also a stone sarcophagus in the hallway leading to the room, which is said to guard all of the souls of the people buried there.

? Ferenc Bako Exhibit - This exhibit celebrates a man who was the very first director of the museum. Ferenc Bako was also an ethnographer, museum organizer, and collector. The exhibit focuses on some of the objects that he brought to the castle museum like cave paintings, statues, and fireworks research.

? Weaponry - Focusing on the ways that Hungary became a “flying nation,” and displaying pictures of the famous pilots of the Air Force, this unique exhibition has more than 300 different articles and souvenirs as well as over 1000 photographs.

? Prison Exhibit - The exhibit focusing on the prison system at the castle is located in the cellar. Guests can see some of the devices that were used to torture the prisoners at the castle, like the pigeon (also known as the shame column). The other half of the prison exhibit focuses on how many of those prisoners were executed.

Special Events

The castle features a wide variety of special events throughout the year, especially related to the holidays. Easter at the castle, for instance, brings a variety of different archery competitions, a craft fair with a selection of handcrafted items, and guided tours of the grounds.

There are also castle specific events, like the Night of the Museum event. This allows guests to see the castle from a different perspective with marches by torchlight, fireworks, gun shows, and nighttime guided tours of the grounds. There is also the Day of the Castle event, held on the anniversary date of when the Turks stopped their siege of Eger Castle and left the town. Learn about that important date of history through guided tours, military shows, play areas for children, and professional programs. This event is held annually on October 17th.

Guests should make sure to check the castle’s website for information about all events that are held on the grounds, including dates, times, and additional cost (if any).


The Castle of Eger features a small gift shop inside the castle grounds that sells an assortment of different merchandise and castle souvenirs. Guests are encouraged to pick up a postcard, children’s toy set, or apparel item to help support the castle and its day to day operations. There is something for every budget.

Castle of Egri, 3300, Eger, Castle 1, Phone: +36-36-31-27-44

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