The expansive Buda Castle, located in Budapest, Hungary, is one of those places that has to be seen to be believed. With an extensive selection of attractions and restaurants, one day may not be sufficient to see everything there is to see there.

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The original castle grounds where the Buda Castle now stands can be traced back as far as 1265. The current Baroque style castle was built over the 20-year period from 1749 and 1769 and has been known as both the Royal Palace and the Royal Castle at different times, as it has frequently been the home to Hungarian royalty. It was declared an official World Heritage Site in 1987 and sits on just under two miles of land. The castle sits on the southern tip of Castle Hill in the Castle District (so called due to the abundance of 19th century, Baroque, and medieval buildings).

Permanent Attractions

There are almost innumerable attractions that are located at and in the vicinity of Buda Castle. Below is a list of some of them with a brief overview.

- Budapest History Museum - This museum focuses on the last 2000 years of history of Budapest (previously known as Obuda, Buda, and Pest separately).

- Hungarian National Gallery - The gallery features many works of fine art focusing on the interesting history of Hungary from both a rural and city perspective. There are also works from internationally known artists with guides available in both English and Hungarian.

- National Szechenyi Library - Also known as the National Library, it is located just next to the History Museum. The majority of the exhibitions are paper based, but there are some graphic and porcelain exhibits as well.

- Matthias Church - One of the nicest churches in the local area, it has been serving the local religious community since 1015 and was founded by the very first king of Hungary.

- Funicular - Visit Hungary’s historical cable car and travel to Buda Castle from Adam Clark square. It only takes guests a few minutes, but the unique views will last a lifetime.

- Presidential Palace - One of the more fun activities is to view the changing of the guard at the Presidential Sandor Palace. The palace itself has been the seat of political power for over 200 years now. The changing of the guard has frequently been called one of the most exciting things to see in Budapest.

- National Archives - This museum houses more than 80% of all of the Hungarian records, dating back over 1000 years.

- Statue of Andras Hadik - Erected in 1937, this worn statue is said to bring good luck for visitors who touch the horse and leg of Andras Hadik, a famous Hungarian hussar.

- Museum of Music History - This museum starts in the 18th century and educates guests on the evolution of music in Hungary until modern day. The majority of exhibits are multimedia in nature.

- Pharmacy Museum - Featuring tools used in the medieval ages as well as a recreation of an Alchemist’s Lab, this small but thorough museum is a must see especially for anyone involved in modern medicine. Make sure to check out all the specimens.

Many of the attractions require a fee for admission and are open different hours and days. Please check the website to confirm before making a trip.

Special Events

The Buda Castle is well known for its incredibly frequent festivals and special events, so much so that there is an entire section on the website dedicated to them. From renowned fireworks shows and demonstrations to craft festivals, the castle knows how to put on an event. There is beer, wine, and sausage, and even chocolate festivals for the foodies who visit the castle, and book fairs and full medieval jousting tournaments and other associated events for families with children who want to be involved.

Make sure to check the website for all applicable dates and times, as well as additional information about each of the many events held on the grounds. Come join the many passionate castle staff as they show adults and children alike how much fun can be had during a visit to this unique area of Budapest.

The majority of the events are held in the summer. Guests visiting during the winter holidays will enjoy Christmas at the Castle as well.


For hungry visitors, there are a variety of unique restaurant offerings available at Buda Castle. Check out Alabardos (Michelin rated), Var a Speiz (also Michelin rated), Arany Kaviar, Riso Ristorante and Terrace, Budavari Matyas, Cafe Miro Var, and many other local restaurants featuring a selection of both fast food and fine dining for every taste and palate.

Buda Castle, Budapest, Szent Gyorgy ter 2, 1014, Hungary, Phone: +36-14-58-30-00

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