From east to west and north to south, Europe is filled with incredible scenery and stunning landscapes. From the forests of Germany and Austria to the snowy scenes of Scandinavia and the gorgeous beaches of Spain and Portugal, Europe is well-known all over the globe for its incredible beauty and picturesque parks and spaces. Of all the awe-inspiring locations around Europe, the Dolomites of northeastern Italy stand out as one of the finest examples.

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Part of the Southern Limestone Alps, the Dolomites are classed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and are a hugely popular location for both winter and summer activities. In the winter months, skiing and other snowy activities are popular at the Dolomites, while those visiting in the warmer weather can enjoy paragliding, hiking, mountain climbing, and cycling too. If you’re looking to make the most of your trip to the Dolomites, the Dolomites Mountain Company can make it happen.

Dolomite Mountains Company - Adventure Travel in the Dolomites

Whether you're heading to the Dolomites in summer, winter, fall, or spring, the Dolomite Mountain Company make your experience much more magical, memorable, and exciting in all the right ways. The Dolomite Mountain Company is a leading Italian travel company specialized in adventure trips around the Dolomites. This company offers organized and guided trips and adventures for hiking, skiing, cycling, and more in this incredible Italian region.

- All Year Long - Dolomite Mountains Company offers adventure travel tours and experiences in the Dolomites all year long. This region is famed for its skiing, but is also a wonderful place to explore for other activities like hiking and cycling, and the Dolomite Mountains Company can provide you with all the guidance and care you need to have a great stay at any time of year. In the summer, travelers can enjoy hiking, climbing, Dolomites treks, road bike experiences, photo safaris, and more. In the winter, Dolomite Mountains Company offers cross-country ski experiences, snowshoe adventures, on-piste ski safaris, and off-piste trips too.

- Dolomite Mountains Custom Trips - The Dolomite Mountains Company offers a great selection of pre-made trip plans and adventure itineraries, but the company is also fully flexible and able to provide custom hiking and skiing trips in the Dolomites too. No matter what kind of travel you have in mind, Dolomite Mountains can make it happen. You can call up a member of the team and lay out some of your ideas, being able to communicate back and forth and plan out the dream trip for you and your family or friends. Dolomite Mountains offers custom travel for summer, winter, and beyond, providing romantic escapes in the Dolomites, full adventure packages with lots of activities, more relaxed vacations with gourmet meals and wine-tastings, and more.

- Luxury Accommodation in the Dolomites - The Dolomite Mountains Company also provides luxury accommodation in the form of deluxe chalets and apartments around the Dolomites, as well as hotels and inns. Dolomite Mountains works closely with some of the best hotels and inns in the Dolomites region in order to guarantee the finest standards of service and accommodation for all, as well as providing some of the most exclusive chalet and lodge rentals in the Dolomites too. Whether you’re traveling as a couple and looking for something small and intimate or taking a big group trip and need a large lodge with swimming pool and lots of space, Dolomite Mountains can provide you with the perfect place to stay.

- The Best Dolomite Mountains Guides - Dolomite Mountains Company only works with the very best guides for all of its adventure travel experiences. While other companies cut corners and make compromises in the selections of their experts, Dolomite Mountains only focuses on employing true travel lovers, adventure enthusiasts, and Dolomites experts. All guides are fully licensed and certified, possessing multiple certifications in leadership, outdoor skills, and more. They are all either UIAGM/IFMGA professional mountain guides and know the Dolomites better than anyone else, as well as being multilingual and able to cater to groups of different nationalities with ease.

- Dolomite Mountains Luxury and Leisure Trips - Offered all year long, the Dolomite Mountains Luxury and Leisure Trips offer both guided and self-guided experiences for around one week to one and a half weeks on average. These tours take in the little villages, medieval castles, hidden treasures, and more dotted around the edges of the Dolomites, taking you off the beaten path and letting you experience and engage with the culture, cuisine, history, and heritage of this unique part of Europe. Example experiences include the 'Three Water-World Cities of the Veneto' tour, which takes you to Venice, Padova, and Treviso, as well as the 'Sparkling Wines of Italy' tour, which is one of the best wine tours in Italy. website