Often considered one of the seven wonders in North America, The Bay of Fundy is located in New Brunswick, Canada.

Home to some of the rarer whales on the planet as well as the highest tides and frequent findings of rare dinosaur fossils and semi-precious minerals, the bay is a must see for anyone wanting to experience the full beauty the world has to offer.


The Bay of Fundy is located at the halfway point between the north pole and the equator on the east coast of Canada. It was declared as the place on earth with the highest tides by the Guinness Book of World Records in 1975 and is a protected tidal ecosystem and world geological site.

Permanent Attractions

Although many tourists choose to just experience the bay on their own time without a schedule, there are a few more structured experiences that have been reported to be favorites of visitors.

One of those is Island Quest Marine. This boat tour will lead guests around the highlights of the bay by sea, allowing them to actually experience the tides themselves. There are also world class sighting potential of both rare whales and other wildlife. Boats will travel past small islands in the bay that are alive with birds, before showing them aquaculture-based fish farms and herring weirs.

For guests who want a more specific whale watching tour, there is the Petit Passage tour. Run by a local man with over twenty years of whale finding experience, guests will be taken out to a place that has the highest likelihood of successful whale watching.

Visitors wanting to learn more about the history of the area are encouraged to stop by the Avon Heritage Museum, located on the shores of the Avon River. The museum introduces guests not only to the area but also to the history of shipyards and the importance of the water in the local economy.

As the Bay of Fundy is mostly known for its high tides, guests should make sure to follow a few special steps in order to see the tides the best they can. The very best area in the bay to experience the tides is at the ecozone (which is the world’s highest). This area is located around the upper basins in two separate areas. There are two both low and high tides during each 24-hour period in the bay, with just over 6 hours between them. Make sure to check the calendar before visiting to see exactly when to be present to view this natural phenomenon.

One other unique attractions at the Bay of Fundy is the Cliffs of Fundy, a geopark that sits on nearly 200 kilometers of land that spans from the Apple River to the Portapique River. This park claims to have over 40 different geo sites.

There are also a variety of guided tour experiences that vary from the usual structured tour. Guest can take a “freewheeling” tour that is offered by bicycle, a “roads to the sea” tour, or a Gael tour. Each tour takes guests through a unique portion of the bay and allows them to learn about the history of the area from a unique perspective.

Special Events

The Fundy National Park is home to a variety of special events throughout the year, meant to draw guests in with both fun and education. There are frequent art exhibitions and open houses, as well as annual events like world fish migration day in April. There are also many concerts and musical events held in the park.

Free Admission Day is offered in June. Guests are offered free admission to celebrate the people who were native to the area, and activities will revolve around education regarding their history and culture.

In August, guests often love to come for the Rising Tide Festival. This fest blends art and music with the amazing natural scenery by asking guests not only to enjoy the arts but also create their own alongside internationally known artists. Workshops are offered as well.

For sports lovers, there is a golf tournament held in September, as well as a 50-kilometer run later that same month. October brings Bike Fest, and winter sporting activities are held seasonally as well.

Dining and Shopping

There are many dining options located around the bay, including cafes like The Flying Apron and nicer, sit down restaurants like Wild Caraway. Guests of all hunger and taste levels will be able to find something in their budget. There are also a wide variety of shopping options, from larger chain stores to local boutiques and souvenir shops. Map

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