Known as 'The Last Frontier', Alaska is one of the most fascinating and majestic lands to explore. Situated right on the northwestern edge of North America and made up of stunning landscapes, striking mountains, and pristine wilderness, it's a prime place for all kinds of outdoor recreation and adventure activities. Alaska is also regarded as one of the perfect places to visit if you really want to 'get away from it all', fleeing the hustle and bustle and urban madness of city life in order to retreat to a mostly untouched paradise of ice-capped mountains, endless forests, and shimmering blue waters.

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If you're planning an Alaska vacation and really want to make the most of every single day, enjoying a truly authentic Alaska experience like no other, Alaska Wildland Adventures is there for you. The leading provider of lodge based adventures and expeditions around Alaska, Alaska Wildland Adventures is operated by passionate people who know and love the Alaskan wilderness and want to share the beauty of their lands with travelers from all over the globe. Whether you're looking for fishing, hiking, kayaking, rafting, or just an all-round Alaskan lodge adventure getaway, Alaska Wildland Adventures can make it happen.

This tour operator, which got started back in 1977 under its prior name of 'Alaska Campout Adventures', has actually constructed three lodges around Alaska: the Kenai Riverside Lodge, the Kenai Backcountry Lodge, and the Kenai Fjords Glacier Lodge. Stays at these lodges offer unique, fully authentic Alaskan experiences and are guaranteed to provide magical memories you'll never forget, with tour options like the 'Once in a Lifetime Adventure' or the 'Wild Alaska Explorer' package providing amazing opportunities to really get to know the Alaskan wilderness in ways that simply wouldn't be possible if you traveled in other ways.

Alaska Lodge Travel with Alaska Wildland Adventures

One of the key advantages of booking an Alaskan adventure with Alaska Wildland Adventures, aside from the excellent service and affordable prices, is the fact that this tour operator boasts three exclusive lodges of its own.

- Kenai Riverside Lodge

The Kenai Riverside Lodge was the first lodge to be constructed by Alaska Wildland Adventures and remains a key location in many of the operator's tour and adventure packages. Built on the banks of the upper Kenai River, the Kenai Riverside Lodge offers astounding views of snow mountains and tall tree forests. It's one of the best places to do some fishing and is the key hub for Kenai Riverside Fishing with Alaska Wildland Adventures.

- Kenai Backcountry Lodge

Out in the Alaskan wilderness, offering a truly authentic experience, the Kenai Backcountry Lodge is another amazing lodge option that features in the various lodge-to-lodge adventures and packages proposed by Alaska Wildland Adventures. Situated out on a lake and only accessible by boat, the Kenai Backcountry Lodge has been fitted out with modern luxuries but retains an old-timey, traditional feel that purists will adore.

- Kenai Fjords Glacier Lodge

The only lodge to be found within the enormous Kenai Fjords National Park, Kenai Fjords Glacier Lodge is a 100% unique location offering exclusive access to some of Alaska's very best wilderness and scenery. The lodge features an array of high quality log cabins with their own private bathrooms and amazing views out onto the neighboring Pedersen Lagoon, perfect for hikes, wildlife spotting, and more.

Alaska Tours with Alaska Wildland Adventures

Alaska Wildland Adventures offers a good selection of tours and adventure packages to suit all travelers to the Last Frontier. Whether you're looking to do some relaxing fishing, take to the frosty waters of the Kenai River, or head off to Denali, you'll find an option to suit your tastes with Alaska Wildland Adventures. Here are some examples of tour and adventure packages that could interest you.

- Once in a Lifetime Adventure

An 11-day, 10-night tour costing $8,395 per person, the Once in a Lifetime Adventure is undoubtedly one of the most popular and magical adventure options from Alaska Wildland Adventures. Offering an experience you really will never forget, this comprehensive adventure package includes stops at all three of the main Alaska Wildland Adventures lodges, as well as a stay at the Denali Backcountry Lodge and a night in the town of Talkeetna too. You'll see sea lions and puffins, you'll marvel at the magical landscapes that make up the Last Frontier, you'll gaze in awe at Denali, the tallest mountain in all of North America, and you'll head home with a myriad of magical memories to look back on.

- Wild Alaska Explorer

If you're a little limited for time but still want to enjoy a full Alaska adventure, check out the Wild Alaska Explorer option from Alaska Wildland Adventures. Running for six days and five nights, with six departures scheduled throughout the year, this adventure costs $2,395 for kids and teens or $3,395 for adults. It offers a fully 'wild' experience, with activities including dog sledding, gold panning, hiking, rafting, and more. You'll be given a full taste of all that Alaska has to offer in just one week. website