We only get one life and it's important to make the most of every single day, seeing and experiencing as much as we can. Nobody knows what's around the corner, and that's why more and more people are turning to names like Adventure Out in search of excitement, thrills, new skills, and of course, adventures. Founded back in 2004, Adventure Out is the premier provider of adventure activities around California. The aim of this provider is to help people get in touch with their roots, unleash their inner potential, connect with nature, learn useful new skills and abilities, and enjoy all kinds of physical activity.

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We spend so much of our lives cooped in cities and buildings, but Adventure Out lets you get outside among cliffs, forests, rivers, and more, experiencing a side of life that too many people have forgotten and overlooked. Leading the way in all kinds of outdoor activity, Adventure Out provides high quality, professional, safe experiences every single time, while also doing a lot of honorable work for charity and donating a percentage of all fees received towards environmentally-friendly conservation efforts. Read on to learn more about the various options available for lessons, camps, tours, and experiences with Adventure Out.

Surfing with Adventure Out

Looking to ride the waves? California is well-known for its incredible surfing cities and beaches, with the Pacific Ocean providing some of the best surfing action anywhere in the world. Unfortunately, many people head down to the beach to admire the surfers but don't really feel capable of doing the same. The truth is very different. With a little practice, patience, and sound instruction, almost anyone can surf. Adventure Out provides 1-2 day surf clinics for kids, teens, and adults, as well as 3-5 day surf camps.

With experienced, trained, friendly instructors leading every session, the surf clinics and surf camps with Adventure Out will give you the skills and confidence needed to head out and tackle the waves for yourself. All trainers are fully certified and trained to the highest standard, guaranteeing the best results, and the camps take place at both Santa Cruz, one of California's top surfing spots, and Pacific, a beginner-friendly beach in San Francisco. Once you've learned the ropes, you can sign up for a surf trip with Adventure Out or even a yoga surf workshop.

Survival with Adventure Out

Modern lives are easy and convenient; everything is taken care of for us, from shelter to warmth. But what if you found yourself out in the woods or in a disaster situation? Would you be able to cope? For most people, the answer is a definitive 'no'. Skills that were once essential like being able to start a fire or track an animal are now very rare to find, but if you'd like to learn some essential survival skills, Adventure Out can help.

This provider runs a wide range of survival skills workshops and clinics. You can learn all sorts of things with Adventure Out's survival explores, from how to make an effective animal-trapping snare to how to use a compass, make a bow, build a kayak, and more. There's a special survival camp just for kids, as well as winter survival and desert survival tours too. By the end of these clinics, you’ll feel like a true adventurer.

Rock Climbing with Adventure Out

California is home to some incredible climbing locations, like the Santa Cruz Mountains or Pinnacles National Park, and climbing is an incredible activity. It helps to build extraordinary levels of physical fitness and strength, as well as providing unparalleled views and experiences as you make your way up a cliff side or mountain.

Adventure Out runs climbing clinics for beginners, intermediate climbers, and even experts, with special guided climbing tours at Pinnacles National Park. Kids and teens have their own climbing camp options as well, so people of all ages can learn the basics of this incredible sport with Adventure Out.

Backpacking with Adventure Out

Adventure Out also runs tours for one of the greatest natural activities: backpacking. There's nothing quite as liberating or exciting as setting off into the wilderness with nothing but a bag on your pack and the spirit of adventure to guide you along. Backpacking is a wonderful form of escapism, allowing people to be free from the mundanity of their regular lives, far from the hustle and bustle of city streets and office blocks.

Adventure Out runs a wide variety of backpacking tours, often incorporating additional activities like yoga or survival training. You can reserve tours around the Sierra Nevada mountains, various areas around Northern California, or even the dessert of Southern California too.

Mountain Biking with Adventure Out

California, especially the Santa Cruz area, is home to some astonishing landscapes and perfect terrain for mountain biking. Enjoy the Golden State's scenery like never before as you participate in a mountain bike tour or training session with Adventure Out.

Offering both beginner and intermediate options, Adventure Out can help you learn the basics of mountain biking and improve your techniques. There's even a mountain bike maintenance course to help you look after your bike and stay safe on the tracks and trails.

Wilderness Medicine with Adventure Out

As well as the aforementioned sports and outdoor activities, Adventure Out is also able to provide full wilderness medical training for either professionals or members of the public. So if you're interested in learning some essential, potentially life-saving first aid skills and techniques, this is a great place to start. website