Kitchen Limited Time Only (LTO)

Editor's Note: Kitchen LTO is now Junction craft + kitchen, Address: 2901 Elm Street; Dallas, TX 75226.

Kitchen Limited Time Only (LTO) is a permanent pop-up restaurant in Dallas, Texas with a menu that is reinvented twice a year by the most deserving chefs in town. Kitchen LTO is a unique place where the chef and artist change every six months as the restaurant selects the best chef and artist twice a year by inviting applications from the community.

Since its inception, Kitchen LTO has housed expert chefs specializing in cuisines like Regional Comfort, modern Mexican, Upscale Southern Comfort, urban regional cuisine, New American, and modern American cuisine. Customers get to experience a new menu and an entirely different restaurant décor twice a year. Photo: Kitchen Limited Time Only (LTO)



Brunch Menu

· Starters - Duck fat fried pecans, miso praline bacon, pimento cheese, and house drop biscuits

· Sweet - House-made ricotta waffle, yogurt parfait, oatmeal, and bread pudding French toast

· Savory - hot fried chicken, crispy poached egg, buttermilk frisee, sticky smoked duck buns, and Texas Akaushi Burger

· Sides - Bacon, house sausage, brulee Texas grapefruit, cheese grits, and two eggs – your way

· Desserts - Pistachio frangipane, sweet potato cremeux, and Coco Texas Sheet Crunch

Lunch Menu

· Starters - Pimento cheese, smoked salmon, and fermented onion tzatziki

· Soups & Salads - Buttermilk frisee, soup of the day, Texas romaine, and tuna tataki chopped salad

· Sandwiches and Bowls - Texas Akaushi Burger, Fried Oyster BLT, The Messy Jessy, Sweet Tea Banh Mi, Smoked Steak Sandwich, Don Buri Rice Bowl, Peruvian Sweet Potato Bowl, and Soba Noodle Bowl. Sandwiches served with LTO's sweet shake fries.

· Sweet - Pistachio crumb cake, sweet potato cremeux, and Coco Texas Sheet Crunch

Dinner Menu

· Snacks - Duck fat fried pecans, roasted olives, banchan, and bread and butter

· Small Plates - Warm potato salad, cauliflower, fried green tomatoes, Brussels sprouts, fried oyster po’bao, Texas romaine, beef tartare, and Gulf yellowfin tuna

· Big Plates - Short rib, garlic fried chicken, Korean sticky duck leg, catch of the day, gnocchi, and shrimp and grits

· Sweet - Pistachio crumb cake, Coco Texas Sheet Crunch, cheese board, and sweet potato cremeux

Drink Menu - Beers, cocktails, and wines available in assortments of whites, reds, and sparkling Photo: Kitchen Limited Time Only (LTO)

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»Private Dining Menu

Private Dining Menu

· Brunch Options - Priced at $25 per person, offers choices of appetizers, entrees, and family-style desserts

· Lunch Options - Starts from$25 per person and offers an assortment of appetizers, family-style appetizers, entrees, and desserts.

· Dinner Options - Private dinner options with prices starting from $35 per person. The menu includes an assortment of appetizers, family-style appetizers, entrees, desserts, hors d’oeuvres, and small plates.

Operating Hours (updated on 4/16/2017)

The restaurant serves dinner from Tuesday to Thursday between 5:00pm and 11:00pm. On Fridays and Saturdays dinner is served from 5:00pm to 12:00am. Lunch is served from Tuesday to Friday between 11:00am and 2:30pm. The restaurant serves weekend brunch on Saturdays from 11:00am to 3:00pm and on Sundays brunch is served from 11:00am to 5:00pm.

The restaurant accepts online reservations and private dining bookings.

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Kitchen LTO, 2901 Elm Street, Dallas, Texas 75226, Phone: 214-377-0757 Photo: Kitchen Limited Time Only (LTO)

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Kitchen Limited Time Only (LTO) in Dallas, Texas

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