According to Wikipedia, Star Trek Las Vegas was to reopen in Neonopolis, but the attraction is currently still closed. The write-up below refers to the Star Trek that was housed in the former Hilton hotel.

Experience a futuristic adventure at the Las Vegas Hilton based on the Star Trek TV series. 65,000 square feet in size, Concept Star Trek: The Experience is a collaboration of the Hilton and Paramount Parks.

You can take a self-guided tour of the exhibit which displays more than 200 Star Trek costumes, weapons, makeup special effects and props used in the television series and motion pictures.

The Voyage Through Space begins when visitors are beamed through time and space to the Transporter Room aboard the USS Enterprise. They receive their mission briefing on the Bridge, and take a Turbolift to the Grand Corridor. They then board a shuttlecraft for an exciting battle-filled adventure through the galaxies.

Visitors end their tour at the Deep Space Nine Promenade where they can dine and shop in a 24th century space station. Browse a large selection of merchandise, including postcards, watches, jewelry and authentic Klingon uniforms.

Quarks’s Bar and Restaurant serves drinks called Romulan Ale, Saurian Bandy, Wrap Core Breach and the Vulcan Nerve Pinch. Menu choices include the Wrap of Khan, a Hamborger or Tribble Tenders.

An adult all-day pass costs $24.99, and a child's pass for kids under 12 years old is $21.99. There is no admission fee to enter Deep Space Nine Promenade and Quark’s Bar. Guests must be at least 42' tall to experience the attraction. For more information call 888-GOBOLDLY or visit