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For those who only have one or two days to dedicate to Florence on their vacation to Italy, we have put together a list of attractions you will not want to miss.

The most famous museum is the Uffizi, featuring works by Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Titian, Rubens and others. The most important thing to know about visiting this attraction is to reserve tickets ahead of time because there is always a line.

Ponte VecchioPonte Vecchio

The main square in the city is Piazza della Signoria which features restaurants, ice cream parlors and bars. Just off the piazza is the entrance to the Uffizi. A reproduction of Michelangelo's David is also located in this square.

Nearby, visitors will find designer shops, including Versace, Gucci, Ferragamo, Prada and Bulgari,located along Via Tornabuoni and Via Vigna Nuova.

Galleria dell'Accademia

Piazza della SignoriaPiazza della Signoria

Galleria dell'Accademia, founded in 1784, hosts a collection of sculptures and paintings. One of the most important works on display at the museum is David by Michelangelo (completed around 1504), which was moved there in 1873.

Galleria dell'Accademia houses other works by Michelangelo Buonarroti, including the Four Prisoners (completed around 1523), San Matteo and Pietà di Palestrina.

Michelangelo's DavidMichelangelo's David

Paintings on display at the museum include works from 3rd and 4th centuries, as well as 15th and 16th centuries. There are paintings by Fra' Bartolomeo, Andrea del Sarto and Perugino from the first part of the 16th century.

Santa Croce

The Basilica of Santa Croce is a large gothic church which contains Galileo's Tomb, Michelangelo's Tomb, as well as memorials to Dante and Machiavelli. One can also admire Giotto's frescoes from 1317 and Donatello's Crucifix. Opening times vary by season - call +39-055-244-619. The church is closed on Sundays and certain other holidays.

The Medici Chapels

The UffiziThe Uffizi

The Medici Chapels is a small museum with two main rooms: the Princes' Chapel and the Medici Tombs. The Princes' Chapel is covered with a huge dome designed by Buontalenti. It contains six tombs of Grand Dukes and elaborate designs in green and red marble. The Medici Tombs house Michelangelo's spectacular statues Night, Day, Dawn and Dusk.

The Chapels are attached to the San Lorenzo Basilica, however, the entrance to the museum is from the other side in Piazza di Madonna degli Aldobrandini. The museum is open weekdays from 8:15 a.m. to 5 p.m. and on weekends from 8:15 a.m. to 1 p.m. It is closed every second and fourth Sunday of the month, and every first, third and fifth Monday of the month, as well as during certain holidays.

The Bargello

The Bargello, which became a national museum in 1865, is located in an ancient palace built in 1250. The museum has three floors arranged around an inner courtyard, and flanked by a 12th century tower.

The first floor features the Michelangelo Room which houses his famous statue Bacchus. The statue portrays the god of wine from ancient Rome and is considered Michelangelo's fist major work. Bacchus is holding a cup with his right hand, and a tiger's skin and grapes with his left hand. Other works by Michelangelo housed in the Bargello include Tondo Pitti, David - Apollo, and Brutus.

The inner courtyard of the museum displays several works which were moved from Palazzo Vecchio and the Boboli gardens. The first floor of the museum includes the Donatello Room featuring Donatello's David, San Giorgio, Marzocco, and other important works by Donatello.

The museum is open from 8:15 a.m. to 1:50 p.m. It is closed every second and fourth Monday of the month, and every first, third and fifth Sunday of the month. It is also closed during certain holidays. To confirm opening hours or reserve a ticket, call +39-055-294-883.

Centrally located hotels include the Savoy, Hotel Lungarno and Gallery Hotel Art.