Located on Paradise Island in the Bahamas, Atlantis Paradise Island offers such a wide range of activities that it's probably one of the only resorts where you will actually need a map to get around. Accommodations range from moderately priced to very expensive. Family travelers should consider staying in the Coral Towers which is the most centrally located tower at Atlantis. Coral Towers is also closest to the Predator Lagoon and the Lagoon Pool.

Why it's a Family Vacation
The resort is literally packed with activities for guests of all ages. The extensive pool areas, miles of white sand beach and Neptune's Water Toys Hut give guests access to many water based activities. Head to Neptune's Water Toys Hut for non-motorized water sports including water bikes, pedal boats, kayaks and snorkeling equipment rentals.

You can even take in a movie at the resorts own Atlantis Theatre.

Parents Will Love
Atlantis has two programs for children, the Aqua Tots program and the Discovery Channel Camp. The Aqua Tots Program is for children 3 years old and up. The Discovery Channel Camp is for kids from 4 to 12 and ranges from 1 hour program to one that includes lunch and dinner. Reservations are required.

Kids Will Love
The great selection different water slides and the marine exhibits will keep the kids busy for hours and are pretty fun for parents as well. In order to ride the slides kids must be at least 48 inches tall.

Especially for Teens
The brand new Teen Club is a state-of-the-art facility with computers, a huge gaming center and plenty of opportunity to socialize.

If you want to enroll your kids in either the Discovery Channel Camp or the Aqua Tots programs, call before you go. You can arrange the whole vacation with a Reservations Specialists when you call them to book your room.

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The Current

[Photo:Atlantis Paradise Island Resort]

Sit in your own tube and get propelled down a mile-long river via water escalators, waves and rapids. You will be propelled both up and down on this unique ride.

LEGO Construction area

Kids who love to build with Legos, duplos and other kinds of building blocks can have a lot of fun in the Atlantis Lego Construction area. They can build their own creation of join other kids and complete a team project.

The Surge

The Surge at Atlantis is meant for teens and grownups, offering spectacular views of the island and a thrilling ride.

Water Playground for Toddlers

This is a slide and playground surrounded by water, in water, perfect for toddlers who like to get wet.

Gaming Tree with Customized Pod Chairs Featuring Surround Sound

The Teen Club which just opened has a gaming tree and private gaming cabanas, perfect for a solo game or one with friends.

Aqua Tots

Aqua Tots is a program that lets children learn about marine life hands-on.

Mayan Temple

The Mayan Temple waterslide is tall and exciting for teens and grown-ups.

Culinary Kitchen

The Culinary Kitchen lets children learn how to prepare a meal and have fun in a colorful environment.

The Predator Tunnel

The Predator Tunnel lets you see sharks from up close. You can walk through the tunnel and observe the amazing creatures from below.