Tiny House Basics

With its fantastic climate, beautiful landscapes, and multitude of people looking for a different lifestyle, the tiny house movement has really taken off in California with many different options available for sale. The movement has triggered some very interesting building solutions, innovations, and the use of new materials and technology. This new way of building has attracted some great artists/builders, so each company is coming up with a variety of new and different solutions, from prefabricated kits, basic shells, and plans with videos to fully furnished and decorated tiny homes. There are homes for every budget in California, with a wide range of sizes. Tiny House Basics

»Blu Homes

Blu Homes

The tiny homes movement has brought about many innovations in the way modern houses are built, even if they are not exactly tiny. Blu Homes from Berkeley uses advanced modern technology to design and construct completely personalized prefabricated homes of exceptional quality. They are beautiful, spacious, and filled with light, incorporating nature in new ways.

They use high-quality materials such as flooring made from sustainably farmed hardwood, eco-friendly countertops, low-flow kitchen and bath fixtures, and high-end thermal insulation that saves energy and controls noise levels. While most Blu Homes are fairly spacious, they have models such as Origin Pod and Cabana that are smaller – 838 and 631 square feet, respectively. Their completely prefabricated modular homes are currently only delivered to clients in Northern California.

1245 Nimitz Ave, Vallejo, CA 94592, Phone: 866-887-7997 18 Best Tiny Houses For Sale in California - Photo: Blu Homes

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»Tiny Mountain Houses

Tiny Mountain Houses

You do not have to live on the mountain to want one of the Tiny Mountain Houses. They are wonderful little homes on wheels you can park anywhere you wish, with a different view every day. The models created by Tiny Mountain Houses bear the names of the world’s most famous mountains, but they fit perfectly well on a beach or in a forest.

All their tiny homes are constructed according to the NFPA 1192 travel trailer code and are certified by the RVIA. They come in many sizes and styles; you can choose one of their many popular models or let them design one just for you. From simple, rustic tiny houses to luxury homes with bathtubs and granite countertops, they have just the perfect tiny house for everyone and for every taste and budget, while always offering perfect craftsmanship and dependability.

Roseville, Ca, Phone: 800-605-8329 18 Best Tiny Houses For Sale in California - Photo: Tiny Mountain Houses

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»Alex Wyndham Architecture

Alex Wyndham Architecture

Alex Wyndham is an architect, ecologist, and artist. He sees his design work as innovation, simplicity, and earthiness in equal parts. He designs small structures – homes on wheels or stationary, chicken coops, art studios, workshops, and anything else people want that should combine a careful consideration of the building site, including the surrounding buildings, with the climate, ecology, sustainability, tectonics, social responsibility and, of course, aesthetics.

You can buy detailed plans of Alex’s designs and build one of his small structures on your own or with the help of your contractor. His best-known project is a tiny 7’ x 9’ house completely immersed in nature and even augmenting it by growing native flowers on its roof. 18 Best Tiny Houses For Sale in California - Photo: Alex Wyndham Architecture

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»Tiny homes in California: AVAVA Systems

Tiny homes in California: AVAVA Systems

AVAVA Systems design and create high-quality and sustainable prefabricated homes that are assembled at their site in less than a week. Their structures are sustainable and their building has been simplified from design to building to installation.

In order to be able to have a house done ten times faster than using traditional construction methods, they use many innovative technologies and materials. They believe that traditional building methods make it impossible to face the environmental and economic problems of the future. While their homes come with a standard design, you as the owner have a number of options to customize the home and make it your own by choosing inside and outside colors and decorative materials.

Berkeley, CA 94707, Phone: 855-792-7069 18 Best Tiny Houses For Sale in California - Photo: AVAVA Systems

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»Bungalow to Go

Bungalow to Go

Bungalow to Go is a two-person friendly guidance team that will help you fulfil even the wildest tiny house dream. Together, they offer a combination of experience (they built three tiny homes for themselves), research, innovation, and a link to a whole network of various experts. They are doing their part in downsizing the American Dream toward a healthier and more ecological footprint.

They help you with the design, drafting, 3D rendering, and animation, share with you the right articles, answer questions you did not even know you had, and introduce you to alternative energies and new materials. It can be in person or through Skype or Facetime. Don’t be shy, no idea is too wild and no dream too big for the Bungalow to Go team.

Windsor, California, Phone: 707-200-4685 18 Best Tiny Houses For Sale in California - Photo: Bungalow to Go

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»California Tiny House

California Tiny House

California Tiny House is a father-and-son team that builds mobile tiny homes you can take wherever you want, as an answer to the current trend of downsizing and looking for alternatives to traditional living solutions. Their houses are RV-certified, and tried and tested for California’s climate, laws, and lifestyle.

They start the process by supplying you with a design of what they consider to be the best trailer on the market, creating a solid foundation for your new tiny home. After that, how much more they do is up to you: They can provide you with the basic shell, with or without electrical and plumbing elements, so you can do the rest, or they can build the entire house according to your detailed specifications. They have a list of standard features any well-built tiny house should have, but the rest is up to you.

3337 W Sussex Way, Fresno, CA 93722, Phone: 559-286-9342 18 Best Tiny Houses For Sale in California - Photo: California Tiny House

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»Tiny homes in California: Humble Handcraft

Tiny homes in California: Humble Handcraft

Humble Handcraft builds tiny homes with unique green designs that are built on a trailer to the current RV standard code. Each finished tiny home has a certificate of approval from Pacific West Associates. The houses are built using a range of recycled and reclaimed woods from all over California for both the exterior and interior.

The furniture is also created out of local materials using renewable energy and producing as little waste as possible. In addition to the green philosophy of the Humble Handcraft designer and builder, the houses are also exceptionally beautiful and designed for comfortable, graceful living.

Ojai, California, Phone: 805-272-5394 18 Best Tiny Houses For Sale in California - Photo: Humble Handcraft

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»JoT House

JoT House

The JoT House is a sustainable, low-cost modular building system created at Yeh Studios. They use recycled and sustainable materials, a durable, rugged construction, and beautiful, elegant layouts. Their different models range in size from the 200-square-foot Mini JoT to full standard-sized customized houses.

The JoT House is modular, simple, and flexible, an intelligent combination of a uniquely prefabricated core and insulated panels. Depending on location and options, the house can be assembled in a few days and built for an incredible $100 per square foot. The crucial part of the design is the design concept of a “box-within-a-box”: The whole structure is built around a central utility core, which contains the bathrooms, kitchen, laundry, and mechanicals, simplifying assembly and minimizing costs. 18 Best Tiny Houses For Sale in California - Photo: JoT House

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»Liberty Cabins

Liberty Cabins

Liberty Cabins build their Jefferson tiny homes on wheels in their shop in Anderson, California, until everything is ready for you to move in. They start with a customized steel trailer and craft every single detail to perfection, from cabinets and beds to their wooden carved logo.

They have one basic model with the same layout: 25 feet long, 8 feet wide, and 13.5 feet high, with 300 square feet of total living space. You can have it all in pine with a cedar bathroom or with sheetrock walls and pine ceiling, but everything else is the same. Check the details to get an idea of what their tiny homes come with – this is a perfect home on wheels you can take anywhere.

Anderson Ca, Phone: 530-356-5191 18 Best Tiny Houses For Sale in California - Photo: Liberty Cabins

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»Lil Abode

Lil Abode

Not everyone wants to be on the move. Some need a tiny house for a music, art, or yoga studio, for a granny or adult son or daughter still hanging around, or even as the woman’s answer to the man cave. These perfect little houses, ranging from 120 to 480 square feet in size, are built by the Lil Abode company with an environmentally conscious foundation that does not need concrete and has a very low environmental impact.

They have rustic hand-hewn ceilings beams, a spiral staircase to the upstairs loft, a dew-collecting roof system, complete appliance packages, optional septic and water tanks as well as off-grid capabilities and many other options. Lil Abode works with clients to customize their dwelling to meet their needs. You can also order just a shell, with or without electrical and plumbing elements already installed, and do the rest yourself or with the help of your trusted contractor.

825 California Ave, Sand City, CA 93955, Phone: 831-383-0549 18 Best Tiny Houses For Sale in California - Photo: Lil Abode

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»Little House on a Trailer

Little House on a Trailer

At Little House on the Trailer they create beautiful houses at an affordable price, using a fusion of intelligent architecture and modern technology. These are factory-built, high-quality, and energy-efficient houses up to code for most locations that are delivered to the site fully finished, with all appliances and cabinets, and are hooked up to the existing site utilities.

They have two types of houses: Home Care Cottages as an accessory dwelling for an existing residence, and Portable Employee Housing for resorts, campgrounds, vineyards, and others. They offer their clients a range of customization options. The houses can stay on the trailers on which they are delivered or can be transferred to a permanent foundation.

1840 Petaluma Blvd N, Petaluma, CA 94952, Phone: 415-233-0423 18 Best Tiny Houses For Sale in California - Photo: Little House on a Trailer

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»Lush Planet

Lush Planet

The Lush Planet team designs and builds beautiful, sustainable structures made to last. They make tiny homes, tree houses, sheds, man caves, barns, garages, and shops. They are involved in all steps of the process – construction, design, building, education, and training.

They use reclaimed and re-purposed materials, their structures are energy efficient, and they use sustainable building practices. Whether they are making tiny houses, fences, or decks or are remodeling an existing structure, they share with their clients their passion for and knowledge of green building in harmony with the surrounding environment and as a part of a whole system.

PO Box 135 Duncans Mills, CA 95430, Phone: 707-922-4790 18 Best Tiny Houses For Sale in California - Photo: Lush Planet

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»Molecule Tiny Homes

Molecule Tiny Homes


Molecule Tiny Homes is a Felton-based construction company run by Jason Dietz and Gabriel Williams, two builders who got bitten by the tiny house bug and have since been making exquisite tiny houses on wheels or a foundation, entirely according to their client’s specifications. They started by making one tiny house for a client, sold it to get funding for the next one, and now have a range of small houses under their belt, sold already or for sale, which serve as examples for other clients.

The new houses can be copies of the existing ones or can be adjusted to the new client’s needs. The only limit is your imagination and they will build you anything you can describe. You can also opt to get just a shell and complete it yourself or with a help of a contractor. 18 Best Tiny Houses For Sale in California - Photo: Molecule Tiny Homes

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»My Bunk Houses

My Bunk Houses

My Bunk Houses creates mobile self-contained fully operational living spaces. As a company that fully embraced the tiny house movement, they work with their clients to fully customize each tiny home to ensure the best quality for the price, producing exactly the house of the client’s dreams.

The houses can be delivered with all the amenities and fully furnished or as shells with just the basics so that you can put your stamp on it. Their goal is to help you in the home building process and to ensure that it is a hassle-free experience. All houses follow highway guidelines. They even offer financing, bringing your dream of owning a tiny home even closer. 18 Best Tiny Houses For Sale in California - Photo: My Bunk Houses

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»Q Cabins

Q Cabins

Design Horizons from Mt. Shasta came up with a unique design of earth-friendly, pre-fabricated cabin kits they call Q Cabin Kits. This new concept in sustainable micro-housing is extremely environmentally friendly. The Q Cabins are made of 50 percent recycled steel, are economical and structurally very strong, and are built without paint or sheetrock. Interiors are finished using natural fibers, reclaimed wood, and water-based stains.

Radiant heat and solar power are available options. Each kit comes with a unique custom floor plan and the client’s chosen finishes. Prefabrication means that the Q Cabins are ready to be put together extremely fast. They come in six standard models from 120 to 1,400 square feet and their configuration can be adjusted according to the client’s needs. Q Cabins can be used as vacation homes, sheds, greenhouses, and just about any other type of housing.

Mt. Shasta, CA, Phone: 415-533-7094 18 Best Tiny Houses For Sale in California - Photo: Q Cabins

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»Tiny House Basics

Tiny House Basics

The best people to help with building a tiny house are those who built one for themselves and are living in it. They have learned from their mistakes and know all the problems and issues that new tiny home owners or builders will encounter.

At Tiny House Basics, they learned that the best way to keep the costs of tiny house down is to build it yourself. However, not everyone has the skills necessary to make the house from scratch, so they offer help with the basics: they can provide the best custom-made trailer, according to the client’s wishes, and build the shell, also completely customized and ready for the new owner to play with and make their own. Not only does it keep costs down, there is also great sense of pride in making your own home exactly the way you want to live.

5433 Clayton Rd, Suite K#306, Clayton, CA 94517, Phone: 925-322-0541 18 Best Tiny Houses For Sale in California - Photo: Tiny House Basics

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»Tortoise Shell Home

Tortoise Shell Home

Whether you need a vacation cabin, artist retreat, guest cottage, field office, or starter home, the eco-friendly Tortoise Shell Home might be just what you need. It is built to be as tough as a tortoise shell and blends into the landscape without sacrificing comfort, style, or security.

With a focus on radically reducing their carbon footprint, Tortoise Shell tiny homes are built to be as tough as large houses; they are mobile, made of light metal that is 30 percent recycled, and are cozy, starting at 130 square feet. Most features are standard, but there is a whole list of options for you to choose from. They will even make your house according to the laws of feng shui if you desire. With one of the three Tortoise Shell Home models, you don’t talk green, you live green.

3005 West Perimeter Drive, San Bernardino Airport, CA 92322, Phone: 707-206-7581 18 Best Tiny Houses For Sale in California - Photo: Tortoise Shell Home

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»Tumbleweed Tiny House Company

Tumbleweed Tiny House Company

At Tumbleweed, they are doing everything in their power to make your transition to going tiny as fun and as painless as possible. You can choose one of their four standard models with a huge range of options to make it truly your own. You can choose just a shell, which they frame and sheath while you finish it inside and out. Or you can just get a foundation, one of their heavy-duty, RV-rated trailers.

Getting a plan and a video is another option, so you can work on your tiny house with the help of an experienced contractor or on your own. Tumbleweed also offers a free guidebook that answers many questions and helps you to fulfill your dream of having a perfect little Tumbleweed Tiny House.

Sonoma, CA, Phone: 877-331-846 18 Best Tiny Houses For Sale in California - Photo: Tumbleweed Tiny House Company

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18 Best Tiny Houses For Sale in California