Located in Chicago, Illinois, the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago is one of the nation’s premier locations for contemporary art. Although the initial founders of the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago initially envisioned the museum to not have a permanent collection, the museum’s mission and initiatives have since evolved. Thus, creating an expansive permanent collection that has over 2,500 pieces of art that date back from the early 1920s to the current day. Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago



In 1964 a group of people passionate about contemporary art came together to agree upon the notion that Chicago should have a museum that is dedicated to contemporary art. Initially, the founders of the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago wanted the museum to be more of an “art hall”. In other words, the founders had no intention of creating a permanent art collection. Instead, they wanted the museum to revolve around art that came from upcoming artists who weren’t afraid to experiment.

The idea was made into a reality when the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago opened in 1967 in the building that used to house the Playboy headquarters. One year later, a popular and influential contemporary artist, Marisol, made a general donation to the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago. After Marisol’s donation, the museum’s board decided to create a permanent collection that was officially established in 1974.

By the time of the museum’s 10th anniversary, the museum’s board as acquired a three-story townhouse that was located next to the initial museum building. This enabled the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago to create an expansive contemporary art museum that had enough room to house a permanent collection, traveling exhibits, and even a few classrooms. Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago - Photo: Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago

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»Permanent Attractions

Permanent Attractions

The Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago’s permanent collection is divided among the following exhibits:

• Books

• Installation

• Mixed Media

• Moving Image and Sound

• Painting

• Performance

• Photography

• Sculpture

• Works on Paper

One of the great things about the permanent collection at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago is that it is fully accessible at the museum’s website. Thus, although you’re encouraged to travel to Chicago to see the magnificent pieces of art in person, it’s not required to explore the specific collection. Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago - Photo: Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago

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»Special Attractions

Special Attractions

Although the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago has an extensive permanent collection, the bulk of the art displayed at the museum is special attractions. Since the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago prides itself on displaying new, innovative, and upcoming artists, the special attractions at the museum typically come and go more frequently than other museums. So, be sure to frequently check the museum’s website for updated special attraction details.

Diana Thater: The Sympathetic Imagination is full of a variety of colorful film and video masterpieces that invoke different perceptions and thoughts.Thater uses many LED lights and different angles to capture unique and artistic images of animals in their natural habitats. This exhibit is available until January 8, 2017.

Witness features various photographs that represent the various encounters professional photographers have with the subject they are trying to photograph. This exhibit gives a behind the scenes look at the life of some of the world’s most influential journalists dating from the 1940s. Witness will be on display until February 12, 2017.

Basim Magdy: The Stars Were Aligned for a Century of New Beginnings features Basim Magdy’s first U.S museum exhibit. This exhibit displays some of Magdy’s most recent work that touches upon the wish and push for a future utopian society. Visitors can explore this exhibit until March 19, 2017.

Educational Opportunities:

One of the initiatives of the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago is to teach the community about contemporary art and the impact it has on our daily lives. In order to do this, the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago has many educational opportunities. One of the most popular educational opportunities at the museum is the artist-led tour, which gives students an inside scoop of the world of contemporary art.

Another popular educational opportunity at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago is the Teen Creative Agency, which promotes the interest and education of contemporary art. During this program, teenage members bond with one another over their passion for art, and showcase their skills and artistic vision.

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Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago