Kalahari Resorts – Pennsylvania
Kalahari Resorts – Pennsylvania

Located in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania, Kalahari Resort is an African-themed resort, which features a waterpark and a choice of accommodations.



In May 2000, Todd Nelson opened the first Kalahari Resort in Wisconsin Dells. This African-themed resort became recognized as one of the largest resorts in the state, as well as the state’s largest indoor waterpark. Five years later, Nelson opened a second Kalahari Resort in Sandusky, Ohio. This resort quickly became known as the largest indoor waterpark in America.

Then, on July 1, 2015, Nelson opened his third Kalahari Resort location in the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania. This location has a variety of attractions and dining options, including America’s largest indoor waterpark, which sits at 220,000 square feet. Photo: Kalahari Resorts – Pennsylvania

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Visitors can stay in one of the Kalahari’s 977 guest rooms and suites. Guests can choose from any of the rooms, which accommodate one to six people. Or, guests can book one of the luxury suites, which can sleep a maximum of 22 guests. Photo: Kalahari Resorts – Pennsylvania

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With around 220,000 square feet of indoor waterpark rides to explore, there’s something for everyone.

Flowrider is an ocean stimulator that produces 50,000 gallons of water per minute and allows guests to attempt to surf or body board.

Anaconda features a combination of enclosed tunnels and open flumes, which carries guests through climbs and drops. You’ll definitely want to hang onto your raft for this trip!

Lazy River allows guests to take a break from the adventure and float down the river.

Whirlpool Spa transports guests from adventurous slides to a calming hot whirlpool.

Wild Wildebeest is a raft ride in which guests zoom through dark sections, soar to the top of the walls, and defy gravity.

Lost Lagoon is perfect for athletic guests who want to shoot some hoops from the comfort of a pool.

Tanzanian Twister features twists and turns and then a free-fall exit!

Thirsty Turtle Swim Up Bar is the perfect addition for adult guests who want to grab a cocktail while relaxing in the pool.

Rippling Rhino is the resort’s longest tube slide, which sits at approximately 400 feet long! Photo: Kalahari Resorts – Pennsylvania

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»More Waterpark Attractions

More Waterpark Attractions

Zimbabwe Zipper takes guests on a wild ride that reaches up to 40 mph.

Splashdown Safari is a water playground with a combination of interactive tools, such as water guns and net crawls.

Barreling Baboon is a combination of dips, turns, and various tempos.

Tiko’s Watering Hole is a huge interactive play area designed for the youngest members of your family.

Screaming Hyena starts by placing guests in a trap-door, then releasing them into a plunge that will take them up to 25 mph.

Sahara Sidewinder is a looping slide in which guests drop more than 250 feet!

Coral Cove features a variety of bouncers and activities for younger guests to explore.

Victoria Falls is a raft ride designed for the entire family.

Kenya Korkscrew is a combination of twists, turns, and zips that take guests on a wild ride.

Cheetah Race is a mat slide that allows four guests to race against each other to the bottom.

Elephant’s Trunk is a completely dark tube ride that takes guests through a combination of twists and turns until they land in the Lazy River.

Zig Zag Zebra is a tunnel ride in which guests will zoom inside and outside the waterpark.

Wave Pool allows guests to splash in waves as if they were in the ocean. Photo: Kalahari Resorts – Pennsylvania

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»Other Attractions

Other Attractions

Aside from the waterpark, visitors are encouraged to explore and participate in any of the other attractions including:

· Gorilla Grove Treetop Adventures

· Spa Kalahari

· Kalahari Fitness & Training

· The Arcade

· Outdoor Pool Photo: Kalahari Resorts – Pennsylvania

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Kalahari Resort offers more than ten dining options. Guests can choose to dine in a five-star restaurant, indulge in a buffet, or enjoy cuisines from all over the world. Dining options include:

· Brandberg

· Great Karoo Marketplace Buffet

· Ivory Coast Restaurant

· Felix’s Bar

· The Last Bite

· Java Manjaro

· Café Mirage

· Pizza Pub

· Marrakesh Market

· Sortino’s Italian Kitchen

· Double Cut Grill

· Waterpark Dining Photo: Kalahari Resorts – Pennsylvania

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Whether you forgot to bring something on your trip, or you want to purchase a few souvenirs to remember your stay at Kalahari, guests can shop in any of the three stores at Kalahari.

Marrakesh Market is designed with the Kingdom of Morocco in mind. In Marrakesh Market, guests will find a variety of food and beverages, as well as décor. Thus, guests can easily keep their rooms stocked or pack a lunch for a day at the waterpark.

Zakanaka Kids has a variety of children’s clothing and toys.

Indigo Swimwear & Accessories features a variety of apparel and souvenirs, which are perfect for exploring the waterpark, lounging in your room, and taking home with you to remember Kalahari Resorts forever.

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250 Kalahari Blvd., Pocono Manor, PA 18349, website, Phone: 570-580-6000 Photo: Kalahari Resorts – Pennsylvania

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Kalahari Resorts in the Poconos, Pennsylvania

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