Hartley Nature Center

The Hartley Nature Center embodies and promotes natural history, stewardship, and sustainability. Located in Duluth, Minnesota, the Hartley Nature Center is the perfect opportunity to explore Duluth’s nature. Photo: Hartley Nature Center



The first ideas of the Hartley Nature Center came from a group of people who wanted to bring environmental education to the general public. This group of people carried out experiential learning through the back of their cars. Finally, in 1987 the Hartley Nature Center moved into their official building in Duluth, Minnesota.

The Hartley Nature Center remained the same until 2003 when the Center moved to a completely renovated and innovative building. This new building included various classrooms, a meeting room, a library, an office space, bathrooms, and a full exhibit hall. One of the most interesting features of the Hartley Nature Center is its solar energy system that powers the Center and serves as proof of how the Center actively works to preserving nature. Photo: Hartley Nature Center

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There are a few attractions in the Hartley Nature Center: the building, trails, and other surrounding nature. Inside the actual Hartley Nature Center, visitors can obtain information about the trails and Duluth’s ecosystems. Visitors also have the opportunity to taking an educational course or touring the exhibit hall within the Hartley Nature Center. This exhibit hall features the Hartley Park’s history, as well as some of the typical animals that one can find within the Hartley Park. Aside from the educational and historical opportunities within the building, visitors can use the building as a place to go to the bathroom and take a break before exploring another trail.

The other popular attraction within the Hartley Nature Center is the 10 miles of hiking trails. These trails vary among distance and difficulty. It’s important to note that camping is not allowed within the park, so make arrangements to head back to the parking lot around dusk. Other than hiking on the trails, visitors can ski on the trails or ride their bikes. Visitors can even fish, kayak, or canoe on the various ponds throughout the Hartley Park. Photo: Hartley Nature Center

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»Educational Opportunities

Educational Opportunities

There are many educational opportunities at the Hartley Nature Center. The educational programs at the Hartley Nature Center range from internships and volunteer opportunities to specialized tours, classes, and interactive activities.

There are two kinds of internships at the Hartley Nature Center: Environmental Education and Environmental Studies Stewardship. The Environmental Education Internship is perfect for college students who have internship experience, are interested in pursuing a career within environmental education, and want to obtain hands-on experience with teaching in correlation to environmental studies. The Environmental Education Internship is available in seasonal and year-long terms. Every year, over 20 different highly respected and distinguished universities, such as Harvard, are represented within the Environmental Education Internship.

The other internship program the Environmental Studies Stewardship, is perfect for college students who are interested in pursuing a career within environmental studies and have little to no internship experience. Every year, college students from all over the country come to the Hartley Nature Center to experience a 120 hour internship program. Throughout the internship program, participants will explore a variety of environmental fields, such as; landscape restoration, environmental education, biological monitoring, and park management. Photo: Hartley Nature Center

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»More Educational Opportunities

More Educational Opportunities

Aside from the extensive internship programs the Hartley Nature Center offers, the Hartley Nature Center offers a variety of educational programs for K-12 children and people of the general Duluth community. One of the most popular educational programs for K-12 children is the school field trip opportunities.

All year long, the Hartley Nature Center offers a unique, fun, interactive, and educational field trip option for K-12 children. During a school field trip, a class is led through different trails and areas of the Hartley Nature Center. The participating class will also explore the renowned exhibit hall. Throughout the field trip, the tour guide will engage fun and interactive activities. Finally, the field trip ends with an extensive lesson about areas and topics related to environmental studies. One of the best features of the Hartley Nature Center’s school field trip program is its correlation to current curriculum being taught. Thus, students are able to relate information they learned on the field trip to what is being taught in class.

Another renowned educational program at the Hartley Nature Center is the various day camps the Center offers. Day camps differ among age groups. Pre-school camps are offered every weekday all year long. As for kindergarten through 12th grade day camps, they are offered during winter break, spring break, and the summer.

For more information about the educational opportunities at the Hartley Nature Center, visit the Center’s website.

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Duluth Public Schools, 3001 Woodland Ave, Duluth, MN 55803, Phone: 218-724-6735 Photo: Hartley Nature Center

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Hartley Nature Center in Duluth, Minnesota